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Basic Information

Address: 1339 E McMillan Street Cincinnati, OH 45206
County: Hamilton
Phone Number: 5139613410

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Saint Ursula Academy
Saint Ursula Academy
Saint Ursula Academy

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Additional Information

President: Lelia Keefe Kramer
School Type: Private Girls Grades 9-12
Founded: 1910
Ages/Grades: 9-12
Diocese: Cincinnati
School Setting:

Saint Ursula Academy is proud of its picturesque campus that is centrally located and easy to reach from anywhere in Greater Cincinnati. It occupies nearly 10 acres in East Walnut Hills near Eden Park.
The center-city location of Saint Ursula Academy makes the school accessible to the many cultural, academic, scientific and medical institutions in Cincinnati. Longer class periods enable students at Saint Ursula Academy to make frequent use of these neighborhood classrooms.
Saint Ursula Academy is within easy access to all communities in the city and surrounding areas as it is only seconds from leading expressways I-71 and I-75.

School Size: 650
Classroom Size: 18-22
Student/Teacher Ratio: 13-1


Financial Aid:



College Preparatory: As a student’s intellectual curiosity expands through her high school years, she thrives in an academic environment that develops her analytical and critical thinking, her capacity for knowledge and her creativity. Through our four-year curriculum, students are exposed to a breadth of experiences across the humanities, sciences and fine arts, with opportunities for further study in areas that interest her.

All courses are taught at the college-preparatory level, with most disciplines offering honors level courses as well. Students can earn college credit with courses offered through the College Credit Plus (CCP) program or the Advanced Placement program.

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100
Support Services:

Educational Services (ES) Program for students with identified and documented learning disabilities.
Established in 1982 so that each student has the opportunity to develop her academic potential, Saint Ursula Academy’s Educational Services Program (ES Program) serves girls with learning disabilities and AD/HD by providing accommodations identified in the student’s service plan or IEP. Students in the ES Program meet the same academic requirements as their classmates and are mainstreamed into college preparatory, honors, and Advanced Placement classes.

Program participants benefit from services that demonstrate Saint Ursula's commitment to providing a successful college preparatory experience for girls with learning disabilities and AD/HD. This includes tutoring, coursework support, textbooks on CD, Kurzweil reader, extended time for testing, tests read by tutor, and the use of a digital recorder to record class notes.

Saint Ursula Academy is a provider for students who qualify for the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program.

Camp Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

One to One Tablet PC Program, College Prep Plus courses, clubs and electives offered

School Championships:

• 19 state championships: golf (1994 & 1997), soccer (1991, 1993, 2007,and 2008), swimming & diving (1993-95), volleyball (1993-98, 2001,2003); cross country in 2006, and field hockey in 2010; swimming and diving state runner-up (2015)

School Clubs:

40+ Clubs and organizations.

Notable Graduates:

Many successful professional:
Athletics: 3x Olympic Gold Medalist in Soccer, Heather Mitts
Actress: Diana Maria Riva - The West Wing, Dead to Me, many many other credits!

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:

Fair trade uniform. Required skirt, polo and cardigan.

Admissions Requirements:

The admissions committee examines completed applications, test scores, and academic records. The committee seeks applicants that show readiness for the rigorous college preparatory atmosphere at Saint Ursula Academy.

Mission Statement:

Saint Ursula Academy is a dynamic Catholic educational community rooted in the Ursuline core values. Saint Ursula promotes academic excellence, honors the uniqueness of each person, and transforms young women into thinkers, leaders, nurturers, and prophets committed to building a better world.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

As we live our Ursuline mission we:
Provide a rigorous college preparatory program that leads each student to knowledge and self discovery
Ensure that our Catholic mission is the cornerstone of all that we do, while at the same time respecting and welcoming students, parents, faculty, and staff of all faiths
Challenge students to be open-minded critical thinkers and lifelong learners who study all aspects of an issue and form opinions based upon inquiry and analysis
Model the joy of learning
Develop young women with self-confidence, high self-esteem and integrity, aware of their own unique gifts and the responsibility they have to use these gifts to benefit themselves and others
Expect students to assume responsibility for their actions while having the freedom to express themselves and take appropriate risks
Provide caring support for each student's academic, emotional, social, psychological, and physical needs
Embrace diversity and inclusion as we celebrate the dignity of each person
Guide students to develop empathy for others both less and more fortunate than themselves
Emphasize the importance of balance in their lives as they learn to make prudent choices
Inspire students to develop their personal relationship with God leading them to grow into the persons God created them to be
Provide students opportunities to be involved in activities that are appropriately counter-cultural, and that challenge the status quo
Ultimately Saint Ursula Academy graduates young women who are reflective thinkers, servant leaders, nurturers and prophets

School History:

Our founding Sisters, the Ursulines of Cincinnati, started Saint Ursula Academy based on the teachings of Saint Angela Merici. Saint Angela founded the Company of Saint Ursula in 1535. At that time, the young women of Brescia, Italy had two options in life: they could marry or enter a cloister. Angela gave them a new option: they could live with their families and stay at their workplaces, while living a life dedicated to God and to the service of others.

The inspiration of this brave, innovative young woman is at the foundation of our mission and core values today. Based on St. Angela's teachings and the example of the Ursulines of Cincinnati, Saint Ursula Academy has developed a culture and programs to ensure our students are developing their whole person through education, faith, character development, appreciation for the differences and gifts of others, and Christian service to our community and the world.

Faith, integrity and courage accompanied our founding Sisters when Saint Ursula Academy opened 1910, over 100 years ago. These values guided the Sisters and the stewards of Saint Ursula Academy.
Saint Ursula has set the standard for growth and prudent change for decades to keep Saint Ursula Academy a top choice for education. Nurtured and inspired by dedicated alumnae and parents, Saint Ursula students, faculty and staff live the Saint Ursula mission every day with their unparalleled passion for learning, shared vitality, expertise in the classroom, and unyielding commitment to personal, spiritual and academic growth. They share a commitment to educate women of faith, integrity and courage committed to building a better world.

St. Angela Merici laid the foundation for the Ursulines of Cincinnati. The original 20 sisters traveled to the city from Brown County, OH, at the request of Archbishop Henry Moeller, who asked them to educate the children of a new wave of immigrants in local parish schools.

Mother Fidelis Coleman and Mother Baptista Fraener started Saint Ursula, where young students could receive a broad education, one based upon a foundation of knowledge and personal fulfillment. They chose to establish their community and Saint Ursula Academy and Convent in East Walnut Hills, a diverse neighborhood perfect for carrying out their mission of service, education and development of the whole person.

Anyone whose life has been touched by Saint Ursula Academy knows that it is more than a place of learning, it is a family and a community-based in rich Ursuline tradition.

For over 100 years, girls have come from across the Greater Cincinnati area to 1339 East McMillan Street to receive an education rooted in Ursuline values. The neighborhood provides Saint Ursula students with a unique "neighborhood classroom" rich in cultural attractions within walking distance and the downtown area within a five-minute drive.

Guided by a talented and dedicated faculty and staff, who carry on the tradition of the founding sisters, thousands of young women have developed their potential and become Academy Alums: Reflective Thinkers, Leaders who Serve the Community, Nurturers and Prophets who live their beliefs in the world.