Discovery School of Lancaster

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Basic Information

Address: 302 West Dunlap Street Lancaster, SC 29720
County: Lancaster
Phone Number: 803-285-8430
Fax Number: 803-416-8907

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Discovery School of Lancaster
Discovery School of Lancaster
Discovery School of Lancaster
Discovery School of Lancaster

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Additional Information

Accreditation: AdvancED
President: Shellie Mitchell, Board Chair
Principal: Tom McDuffie
School Type: Public Charter / Elementary
School Focus: Multiple Intelligences
Founded: 2000
Ages/Grades: Grades K-5
Student Demographics: 65% majority / 35% minority split
School Setting:

Intimate, family-like atmosphere with low student to teacher ratios, high parent volunteerism, and great community support.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 7:50 am - 2:50 pm
School Days in Calendar Year: 180

Suburban / rural - We draw students from all over the county of lancaster, SC.

School Size: 108 Students
Classroom Size: 18 students max.
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1/18

Core Knowledge ELA, Social Studies & Science; Junior Great Books K-5, EnVision Math

Percentage of Graduating Class: n/a
Support Services:

Gifted & Talented, Special Education (Resource), speech, ELL, etc.

Camp Programs: Yes
Summer School: No
Computer Capabilities:

100% One-to-One with ChromeBooks & I-Pads; two computer labs; SmartBoards in each classroom, etc.

School Championships:

National Charter School of the Year (center for Education Reform) in 2007

School Clubs:

Genius Hour on a monthly basis

Library Resources: Fully-stocked with appropriate number of volumes for school size; part-time media specialist
Parking Spaces/Availability:

small school parking lot plus access to a larger municipal parking lot

Admissions Deadline: January 31 of each year
Mission Statement:

In addition to supporting the mission of the Lancaster County School District, Discovery School of Lancaster County provides services to a diverse population of students in a unique learning environment with special emphasis on academic innovation and flexibility while encouraging students to excel in one or more areas of intelligence and promoting professional development opportunities for educators throughout the district.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our philosophy is based on the teachings of Dr. Howard Gardner - that there are at least eight ways to teach and eight ways to learn. We incorporate strategies used in gifted and talented instruction with all students at Discovery School.

School Policy: Formal by-laws are in place for the school along with the general policies of the Lancaster County School District.
Staffing/Labor Regulations: Discovery School follows all guidelines related to personnel of the Lancaster County School District.
School Accountability: An annual charter school report is provided to the Board of Trustees of the Lancaster County School District in late December for approval and this is in turn forwarded to the SC Department of Education.
School History:

Founded in 2000 with grades K-3. Fourth and fifth grades were added in subsequent years. The school has maintained even progress throughout the ensuing years.