American Chinese School

Basic Information

Address: 36300 Fremont, CA 94536
County: Alameda
School District: Fremont Unified School District
Phone Number: 5105525520
President: Wai Ming Kok
Principal: Wai Ming Kok
School Type: Chinese School

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Founded: 1997
Ages/Grades: 3 years old and up
School Schedule: 2 hours per class
School days in Calendar Year: 40
School Holidays: 8
Admission Requirements:

We are open to new students all year round and highly suggest sitting in on a class so the child and parents can experience it first.

Mission Statement:

American Chinese School is a non-profit organization. We are located at the American High School, Fremont. Our mission is to provide the local community a place for their youth to learn and practice Chinese language and understand Chinese culture. Since China is admitted as one of the World Trade members, Chinese becomes a very important language in the world. In order to master this language, it takes years to learn in a planned and organized environment. We encourage students to start at a young age as early as three years old and to speak Chinese at home as much as possible. In addition to Chinese Class (Cantonese and Mandarin), we also provide SAT II Chinese Preparation Class and enrichment classes such as Chinese Yo-Yo, Drawing, Kung Fu, Tai-chi, Abacus, Dance and Music as well as Mandarin for adults class.

Notes/School Information:

We are located inside American High School in Fremont, California. Classes are on Saturdays with 2 hour sessions.