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Basic Information

Address: Jr. High and High School, 700 South Dorset Road, Troy, OH 45373 Early Childhood Education Center and Elementary, 1586 McKaig Ave., Troy, OH 45373
County: Miami
School District: Troy
Phone Number: 937-339-5692
Fax Number: 937-335-6258

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Additional Information

President: Superintendent Dr. Gary Wilber
School Type: College preparatory, inter-denominational Christian School
Founded: 1980
Ages/Grades: Infant, Early Childhood, Preschool, Prekindergarten, K-12
School Setting:

We have students from 31 different school districts and 170 different churches. Troy Christian School is located on I-75 with a campus of two buildings, outdoor athletic fields (football, soccer, track, crossfit), wrestling fieldhouse and parking.

School Size: 800 plus
Classroom Size: 18-24
Student/Teacher Ratio: 18/24:1/plus aides

Varies by grade level

Financial Aid:

Scholarships and Financial Aid available.


All College Preparatory, plus Bible, Leadership, Special Education Intervention, Visual & Performing Arts, Home Education, Technology, Foreign Language


College preparatory, Honors classes, Dual enrollment with 12 classes on campus (42 college credit hours available), Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO), Online courses. Elementary-level foreign language/Spanish classes.

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100 percent
Support Services:

Special Education Intervention, Financial Aid, Home Education, Crossfit sports training

After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Mobile Mac lab, Computer labs, SMART Boards, SMART Board accessories, Netbooks for juniors and seniors, Netbooks for 5th and 6th grade, Latest technology in classrooms, Wireless access.

School Championships:

Division 3 State Wrestling Champions: 2009, 2008, 2007

School Clubs:

Emphasis on Leadership. Many clubs and variousactivities, including student council, athletics, choral and band, speech, chapel presentations, missions, service projects, academic competitions, yearbook, science/history fair, Invention Convention, LEGO Robotics, National Honor Society, French Club, Drama Club, Art Club and leadership development. Athletics include baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross-country, football, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, track, swimming, volleyball, and wrestling.

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:

No Uniforms; dress code

Admissions Requirements:

See website for details,

Mission Statement:

Troy Christian Schools exist to uphold God's truth as we assist parents in the education of their children's minds and the transformation of their hearts in a Christ-centered learning environment.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Troy Christian students will be SALT in their world now. Matthew 5:13. SALT is to Speak, Act, Lead, and Think like Jesus.
We encourage our students to strive to be R2G2 students. They are to have Respect, Responsibility, Gratitude and Genuineness.

School History:

The school was founded in 1980 and became chartered in 1982 by the State of Ohio as a K-8 elementary school. In the fall of 2001, Troy Christian Schools, Inc. became charted by the State of Ohio as an 18 month through 12th grade school.

Notes/School Information:

Missions: We are one of the few Christian schools in the country that require and provide mission opportunities for all children in early childhood through 12th grade. Our 6-12 graders are given local, national and global opportunities. Each classroom for our younger grades selects a group of people to serve throughout the school year.

ESM Week: High School students attend non-traditional courses or trips during Enrichment, Service, and Ministry week. These courses/trips provide an opportunity for the teachers and students to explore topics that my be difficult to integrate into their regular curriculum. The number of classes offered provide students with the opportunity to choose course in areas that fit with their own interests.

Chapel: Chapel is a special time for the entire school to come together or to have time for each age group to praise, worship, pray, and study scripture to come to know God better. Each chapel is a unique time. Guest speakers share about how God is working in their lives. There are also chapels planned to honor special people in our lives.

Test Scores

Ohio Graduation Test (passed) 98% reading, 94% math, 97% writing, 92% science, 95% social studies.

ACT average 23.6 (Ohio average 21.8, National average 21.0)

Stanford Achievement Test (scores are grade-level equivalents) 3rd grade results: reading 5.5, math 4.5, language 5.4, science 5.4