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Workshop run by: Macbeth Academy


Address: 2372 Morse Ave. Suite 912 Irvine, CA 92614
Phone Number: 949-864-2330
Presenter: Macbeth Academy Staff

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Fees: 1625
Registration Date: Rolling Admissions
Eligible Audience: Teachers
Credits Awarded: 15

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Workshop Highlights:

Introduction to National Standards for Online Teaching

In this course, participants will gain a working knowledge of the National Standards for Quality Online Teaching (NSQ). Each week, teachers will review will engage with Standards A-H by applying the standard to their own teaching methodologies. Teachers will learn from each other in peer discussions and share experiences from their own schools. Teachers will also learn how to apply each standard in a cumulative final project which incorporates each standard.

Teaching Online: K12 Student Engagement

In this course participants will research, consider, and learn how to cultivate student engagement in the K12 virtual classroom. Class participants will study different methods of engagement as well as learn proven strategies to implement in their online classrooms. Participants will develop a Student Engagement Plan for the current or upcoming school year.

Teaching Online: Online Teaching Methodologies

In this course, participants will research cutting-edge teaching methodologies for the online K12 classroom. Teachers will learn the structural differences between online lessons and brick-and-mortar classroom lessons. On a weekly basis, teachers will focus on creating lessons to enhance student engagement and improve student learner outcomes. Teachers will also learn the essential components of how to conduct a successful lesson using the Common Core Standards, how to incorporate engagement resources, and how to conduct follow-up work in the online classroom.

Teaching Online: Building Positive Community

In this course participants will learn how to build a classroom community to build student and parent engagement in the online learning process. Teachers will work to understand new students and parent roles in the virtual learning space. Teachers will learn proven techniques to build relationships with families beyond the virtual classroom to ensure student success. Participants will engage in peer discussions and share experiences from their own schools.

Teaching Online: Classroom Differentiation

In this course participants will review current K12 education research regarding differentiation for all students. Teachers will learn how to differentiate lessons for students of various levels in the online classroom. Class participants will learn ways to differentiate content based on learning styles, ability, and interests. Participants will also learn how to implement Project-Based Learning in their classrooms and learn about the power of choice.


Macbeth Academy's Professional Certificate in Online Education (PCOE) offers training for educators who want to teach and develop distance learning programs for K12 students. The program meets training requirements for educators, administrators, and others responsible for creating and implementing distance and remote learning services.

The online program is designed for those new to distance learning and for experienced online educators. The required coursework offers a comprehensive examination of characteristics and identification, curriculum differentiation, teaching strategies, and program development for online learners in a virtual setting. Several courses also feature investigation and study in specialized areas such as engagement, serving gifted and talented students, and underachievement.