Steve "Safari Dude" Fredlund

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Basic Information

Workshop run by: Steve Fredlund


Address: PO Box 248 North Branch, MN 55056
Phone Number: 6515875435
Fax Number: n/a
Registration Website:
Presenter: Steve Fredlund

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Steve "Safari Dude" Fredlund
Steve "Safari Dude" Fredlund
Steve "Safari Dude" Fredlund
Steve "Safari Dude" Fredlund

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Additional Information

Fees: $5,000 standard; negotiable based on a number of factors
Registration Date: any time
Eligible Audience: any
Credits Awarded: n/a

This is a keynote-style talk or workshop based on the needs of the school/district/leader/group. While materials may be used in certain situations, they are not generally part of the talk.

Workshop Highlights:

Compelling stories from African safari are the context for sharing the "Big 5" ways we can be happier in life, work, and leadership -- lessons learned on safari and backed by research.

After this talk, the audience will:
1) Understand the impact of external pressures (defaults, expectations and 'shoulds') on decisions
2) Feel empowered to implement the "Big 5" ways to have more fulfilling adventures in every area of life
3) Realize greater agency in life, work and leadership


"The Epic Adventure of Education" --

Working in education is like an African safari, an ongoing experience blending excitement and stress. When we apply the same intentionality that goes into a safari to our work, we find ourselves more engaged in our mission, less burnt out, and happier in both work and our personal lives. Steve Fredlund is known as "The Safari Dude" and he uses compelling stories from the savannah to invite us to renew our passion for work and leadership by choosing our experience, getting the right peeps in our Jeeps, doing the unright thing, taking in the view and embracing the adventure.