Writing Strategies for Boys (good for girls, too!)

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Basic Information

Workshop run by: College Courses Online

Online independent study

Phone Number: 303-905-7332
Registration Website: www.collegecoursesonline.com
Presenter: Dr. Anne Goiran Bevelhimer

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Writing Strategies for Boys (good for girls, too!)

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Additional Information

Fees: $360 + graduate credit fees
Registration Date: Any day of the year.
Eligible Audience: Educators K-12
Credits Awarded: 3 graduate semester credit hours, or 3 CEU or 5 graduate quarter credit hours or Certificate of Completion from College Courses Online. English or Education prefix is available.

You will receive the text for Writing Strategies for Boys as an electronic pdf when you complete the registration for the course. Print options are available at registration. Preview sample pages and download a syllabus for the course at www.collegecoursesonline.com

You might also be interested in the companion course, Boys and Literacy (3 sem. hrs). Please contact Dr. Anne about this offering.

Workshop Highlights:

Boys love to write when you appeal to their interests, humor and desire for power, action and competency. Learn how to motivate boys to write, in this practical, hands on professional development course focused on boys, and built for teachers.


Writing Strategies for Boys is tailored to the nature and psychology of boys and the process of writing. Based on findings from research, develop authentic purposeful writing tasks that help boys pursue an interest, gather information to be competent and honor their love for action, power and humor. Strategies to motivate boys to write arguments supported with claims, informational or exploratory essays with clarity and effective organization and narratives that develop the creative form of written expression are but some of the topics addressed in this course. Leave this course with a compendium of writing activities and strategies that you can use in your writing assignments tomorrow. Like the companion course, Boys and Literacy, this course Writing Strategies for Boys helps you understand the psychology of boys and what motivates them to write. Meets the Common Core State Standards for Writing K-12.