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Administrator: Katie Barry
Address: 2 West Main Street, Suite 200, Victor, NY 14564
Phone Number: 1-800-771-3117
Fax Number: (585) 742-1263

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Additional Information

Amount of Scholarship: $10,000
Available to Class Level: ages 14+
Due Date: 06/30/2011
Purpose of Award: NextStepU Magazine and help high school junior and senior students plan for their next steps in planning for college, careers and life. NextStepU is an easy, free resource for high school students, parents and school counselors that helps them find information about pursuing a career, joining the military, applying to and attending a community college or four-year college or university, finding financial aid and scholarships for college or university, finding a college match, and developing important life skills. We hope NextStepU helps you get to and through college, or whatever your next step may be!
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