ZipRecruiter Scholarship

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Basic Information

Administrator: ZipRecruiter Scholarship
Scholarship Sponsor: ZipRecruiter
Address: 604 Arizona Ave Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone Number: 310-299-5193

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Amount of Scholarship: $3,000
Number of Awards: Two Awards a Year
Available to Class Level: High School Seniors and College Students
Requirements: Part I: Write a Follow-up Email for After a Job Interview Include a subject line, email body, and sign-off Use a specific job title Write the company name as [BLANK] 250 words max Part II: On a separate page, describe the sections of your job interview follow-up email template, and explain why each section was included (250 words max)
Eligibility: Must be 18 or older at time of Award
Minimum GPA: N/A
Minimum ACT: N/A
Minimum SAT: N/A
Due Date: 12/31/18
Purpose of Award: ZipRecruiter wants to give back to the community by helping students achieve their dreams of higher education.
Duration: N/A
Renewable: N/A
Need-based Scholarship: N/A
Applicaiton Online: Yes
Application Fees: No
Scholarship History: ZipRecruiter started this scholarship program almost two years ago to help students pursue their dream of higher education.