Inlet View Elementary School

Basic Information

Address: 1219 N St, Anchorage, AK 99501
School District: Anchorage School District
Phone Number: 9077427630
President: Patricia Ahrens
Diploma Coordinator: Beth Daly Gamble
School Type: Public
Programme: PYP

Action Shots

Inlet View Elementary School
Inlet View Elementary School
Inlet View Elementary School
Inlet View Elementary School

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Additional Information

IB Region: IB Americas
IB School Code: 061379
Founded: 28 October 2021
Ages/Grades: Ages 5-12/Grades K-6
School Setting:

We are a neighborhood public school in the heart of Anchorage. We are located downtown, close to a greenbelt, lagoon, and ocean coast. We are a small school with 10 classroom teachers, a full-time PE teacher, half-time Spanish teacher, and part-time specialist teachers, which include Art, Health, ad Music. We have a very active PTA and active student-body that shows action with leadership skills, as well as extra-curricular interests.

School Size: 240
School Schedule: 6.5 hours a day
School days in Calendar Year: 180

close-knit downtown community in Anchorage, Alaska

School Size: 240
Classroom Size: 23
Support Services:

.5 English Language Learners teacher, 1.5 Special Education teachers

After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Chromebook laptop per student in school, promethean boards, apple tv, iPads

Uniform Guidelines:

no uniforms

Admissions Requirements:

in school zoning, plus lottery and zone exemptions when applicable

Mission Statement:

The Inlet View Elementary School community focuses on the development of the whole child as a knowledgeable inquirer, both in the classroom and abroad. We aim to develop caring, respectful, and mindful people who recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet. We will empower students to successfully solve real world problems and strengthen their enjoyment of working towards a goal. We will facilitate learning and support all students so they become compassionate, engaged, life-long learners, who help to create a more caring and peaceful world.

School History:

Opened in 1959, Inlet View Elementary is one of Anchorage’s oldest neighborhood elementary schools. It is located in the heart of downtown close to Anchorage’s extensive trail system as well as the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts and Anchorage Museum. Inlet View’s small student population fosters a close-knit community that supports its students and staff. Inlet View’s vibrant community includes an award-winning Parent Teacher Association.