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Basic Information

Address: 800 Zhongshan North Road Section 6 Taipei 11152 Taiwan ROC
Phone Number: +886.2.7750.9900
President: Dr. Grace Cheng Dodge, Interim Head of School
Diploma Coordinator: Warren Emanuel
School Type: Private
Programme: DP

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Taipei American School
Taipei American School
Taipei American School
Taipei American School

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Additional Information

Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
Founded: 1949
Organization Affiliation: National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS), Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools (IASAS)
Ages/Grades: Grades KA-12
School Schedule: 8 hours
School days in Calendar Year: 180
School Size: 2400+ students
Student/Teacher Ratio: <9:1

NT$ 779,340-864,315


Taipei American School has provided expatriate students in Taipei with an exemplary American based educational program for over 70 years. Our curricular program represents the best of American education and is taught by over 300 highly qualified teachers. Our academic program provides the challenge and choice that helps all students be prepared for their next level of education. Our highly acclaimed arts and music programs provide students with strong foundational and performance skills. The KA-12 program is articulated so that each level leads to success in the next.

IB Candidates: In 2019, 142 students took 242 exams
IB Classes Offered: 49 courses
Support Services:

Taipei American School’s Student Support Services Department provides a range of services to maximize each student’s social, emotional, and academic growth. The following programs are offered to Taipei American School students:

Reading Specialist Services (KA-5)
Academic Support Services (KA -12)
Speech/Language Services (KA-12)
School Counseling (KA-12)
Psychological Services (KA-12)
Academic Support Program
The Academic Support Program provides a variety of services for students with mild learning differences who need support in order to master grade level curriculum. The Academic Support Program provides individual and small group instruction aimed at strengthening academic abilities, executive skills, and self-advocacy. Alternative instructional strategies and testing accommodations are also provided to students who demonstrate specific academic or information processing deficits.

Reading Specialist Services KA-5
Reading support services provides support for students who are reading below the reading expectations of the grade level. For those students struggling to access print, we have small groups or one-on-one lessons designed to improve reading skills in decoding, fluency, and comprehension.

Speech and Language Program KA-12
The Speech and Language Program offers services for students from Kindergarten A through Grade 12. The areas of remediation may include voice, articulation, fluency, or oral language. Vocabulary, grammar, listening skills, comprehension strategies, and the organization of ideas may also be addressed. In addition, verbal reasoning, problem-solving strategies or social language may be emphasized, depending upon each student's unique learning needs.

Mental Health Support
Taipei American School’s counselors and psychologists provide individual and small group counseling and consult with parents and teachers. More information on the school counseling program can be found through the link on the left. In addition, school psychologists conduct classroom observations, individual psychological evaluations, and behavioral assessments.

Camp Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Students are in a 1:1 hardware environment beginning in the lower school. They have a personally assigned device, provided by the school, in their homeroom in Grades 3, 4 and 5. From grades 6-10 they use a laptop that must be purchased from a specified local vendor who provides on site support at TAS. Beginning in Grade 11, students may bring their own devices rather than using a school specified device from the school specified vendor.

School Championships:

As of 2019:
9 Years in a Row Qualifying for VEX Robotics World Championships
6 Years of Gold Medals at iGEM competitions
4 IASAS Swimming Records set in 2019
6 Consecutive Years of Qualifying for FRC World Championships
4 Consecutive Years of Making Finalist Rounds of International Public Policy Forum
7 Medals at the Taiwan Young Physics Tournament Between 2017-2020
26 Scholastic Art National Medals
6 NSPA Awards including 5 Pacemakers and 1 Journalist-of-the-Year Award
8 FRC Blue Banners, Including 2020 Chairman's Award
1st International school to ever qualify students to the Tournament of Champions in Policy Debate, Public Forum Debate, and Extemporaneous Speaking

School Clubs:

There are two primary types of clubs in the Upper School, service clubs and interest clubs. Students are encouraged to join clubs that will allow them to pursue a particular passion and to use their abilities and resources to better the lives of others in this world. Clubs also serve the purpose of allowing students to both acquire and exercise their leadership abilities. Each year there are new clubs added to the Upper School club offerings.

AARF (Animal Rescue)
Amnesty International
Art Honor Society
Artificial Intelligence Club
Athletic Council
Baking a Change
Big Buddy Program
Bike Club
Board Game Club
Build the Bridge
Business Club
Calligraphy Club
Cambodia Service Initiative
ChildAware Club
Chinese Honor Society
Chinese Performing Arts Club
Classics Club
Club Crochet
Computer Science Team
Controlled Button Mashing
Dance Honor Society
Doctors Without Borders
DRM Ensemble
Entrepreneurship Club
Expressions Magazine
Film Club
Flag Football Club
Formosa Newspaper Club (Blue and Green)
Functional Programming
Girl Up
Girls in STEM
Good Neighbors
Harang (North Korea Defector Club)
Himalayan Service Initiative
Hip Hop Club
Hockey League
I Care
ILA Fashion Club
Indigenous Impact
Initiative Formosa
Japanese Honor Society
Key Club
LGBTQ Alliance
Majong Club
Make it Shine
March of Dimes
Marine Conservation Club
Math Team
National Honor Society
Operation Smile
Orphanage Club
Purpose Club
Reach Out
Remote English Mentors
Sarnelli House
Save The Children
Spanish Honor Society
Sustainable Taiwan
TAS Cancer Society
TAS Chess Club
TAS Journalism (Yearbook)
TAS Journalism (B+G)
TAS Red Cross
TAS Speech and Debate
TAS TYPT (Physics Club)
Teach and Reach
The Horizon Science Journal
Thespian Honor Society
Toothbrush Club
Tri-M Honor Society
TSOM (Tienmu Saplings of Music)
VR Club
Walk for Refugees
Wish 4 Kids
World Love Organization
World Scholars Cup
World Vision

Admissions Requirements:

On behalf of TAS, the Admissions Office welcomes you as you begin your application. We look forward to getting to know you and your family while we embark on your admission journey together.

Each year, Taipei American School receives more applications than space is available. For best consideration, the Admissions Office strongly encourages you to submit your application as early as possible or check with the Admissions Office about space availability.

Please note that a student must hold a valid foreign passport in order to enter the school.

Admissions Deadline: We accept applications starting August 1 for the school year that begins the following August. For the current school year, we accept applications throughout the school year up until mid March. You may complete an online application or visit our office and we can assist you to complete an online application.
Mission Statement:

Taipei American School is an innovative 21st century learning community. Our mission is to inspire each student to be a confident, creative, caring, and moral individual prepared to adapt and succeed anywhere in a rapidly changing world. We provide an American-based education with a global perspective that results in a love of learning, academic excellence, a balanced life, and service to others.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Taipei American School offers opportunities for students to reach their full potential to become caring, competent, knowledgeable young people who are dedicated to making a positive difference anywhere in the world.
In addition to a rigorous academic program, and focus on academic and personal excellence, TAS students will develop:
Analytical and Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
Leadership and Teamwork
Adaptability, Initiative, and Risk-Taking
Global Perspectives
Complex Communication in both Oral and Written Works
Digital and Quantitative Literacy
Integrity and Ethical Decision-Making

School History:

Founded in 1949, Taipei American School is a large independent school, one of Asia's top college preparatory independent schools, offering an American-based education with a truly global perspective. We offer both AP and IB courses for our students, allowing our learners to personalize their courses to their learning goals.

We invite you to explore the rich history of our school as we celebrate 70 years of Taipei American School. From the basement of a seminary in 1949 with eight students in attendance to our modern, 21st-century campus with an enrollment of nearly 2,400 students, our school has evolved dramatically over the past 70 years. The first graduating class of 14 seniors in 1956 went on to become business, civic, and government leaders around the world and in Taiwan itself, just as the graduates of 2019 will do. As a community, we have come so far and continue to expand the options and opportunities of every TAS student. By planning for a school that meets the needs of our students today, and those of their children’s children for generations to come, our evolution influences us as we strive for excellence in all that we do.

Programs and Services:

Taipei American School offers a wide variety of services for students, parents, and faculty. From dining to transportation, our services are designed to facilitate and enhance school life.
Food Service
Health Services

Notes/School Information:

Welcome to Taipei American School. We offer students of all ages and backgrounds a bridge from where they are to where they want to be, allowing them to discover a love of learning, to realize their full potential, and to become positive contributors to their local and global communities. Ours is a culture of caring and innovation, and our bridge a shared journey that enables success in many forms.

Founded in 1949, Taipei American School is a large independent school, one of Asia's top college preparatory independent schools, offering an American-based education with a truly global perspective. We offer both AP and IB courses for our students, allowing our learners to personalize their courses to their learning goals.

Our flourishing campus, located in a northern suburb of Taipei called Tianmu, houses all three of our divisions -- Lower, Middle, and Upper School -- so that our students can learn, grow, create, and dream in the same inspirational space.

Our students are known for an unmistakable culture of excellence, a deep commitment to the creative arts, and a passion for all things STEAM.

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