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Basic Information

Address: 7380 W Sand Lake Rd, Ste 500, Orlando, FL 32819
County: Orange
School District: Orange
Phone Number: 4078015140
President: Dr. A Lahlou
Principal: Dr. A Ounsa
School Type: Private Online

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American School of Leadership

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Additional Information

Accreditation: Cognia
Founded: 2007
Organization Affiliation: School Choice, CPALMS, AUL Group
Ages/Grades: 6-12
School Setting:


School Schedule: Online 4-5
School days in Calendar Year: 180
School Holidays: USA holidays


School Size: 800
Classroom Size: 10
Student/Teacher Ratio: 10:1

per credit

Financial Aid:



Florida Standards Curriculum

Percentage of Graduating Class: 97%
Admissions Deadline: open year around
Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to provide a caring and attentive online learning environment. ASL will continue to utilize educationally proven techniques to help our students become the successful leaders of tomorrow.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: we challenge you to become part of today’s workforce by preparing yourself the same way your global competitors do.
School History: Since 2007, ASL helps students obtain a quality education using our International and global perspective and relentless pursuit of quality instruction. our graduates have moved on to renown Colleges and universities worldwide, opening doors for a better future. Our research keeps our instructors updated and our classes exciting. With our memberships in organizations like CPALMS, ASL stays competitive. We are also Registered with the Florida Department of State and Registered as a Private School in Orange County with the Florida Department of Education’s School Choice Program. The American School of Leadership is also a member in good standing with the United States Distance Learning Association.
Programs and Services:

ASL possesses a centrally managed, Common Core Standards based curriculum with objectives
and outcomes that are carefully defined. Individual instructors then have the responsibility to
expand and enhance the basic curriculum by augmenting it with current resources and practices.
The curriculum is under continual content and quality review.

Academic Classes
Courses at American School of Leadership are offered in Math, Science, Literature, Composition,
and Social Studies. Additionally, we offer special Career courses in Preparatory Business and
Computer Science. However, students are required to complete general education requirements
that are described in greater detail in the programs section.