The Buckley School

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Basic Information

Address: 3900 Stansbury Ave. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
County: USA
School District: Sherman Oaks
Phone Number: (818)783-1610
Fax Number: (818)461-6714
President: Head of School James Busby
Principal: Lower School Head Adrienne Parsons, Middle School Head Neal Roden, Upper School Head Deborah Monroe
School Type: K-12 co-ed day school

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Additional Information

Accreditation: WASC, CAIS
Founded: 1933
Organization Affiliation: Member of the National Association of Independent Schools
Ages/Grades: Ages 5-19, Grades K-12
School Setting:

The Buckley School is located at the top of a residential street in Sherman Oaks in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains and is part of the Oak Forest Fossil Ridge.

School Schedule: 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (Lower School), 3:00 p.m. (Middle/Upper School)
School Size: 830 students
Classroom Size: 20 students per classroom in Lower School; average class size in Middle/Upper is 17
Student/Teacher Ratio: 8:1

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Financial Aid:

14 percent of our students receive financial aid


Computer Science, English, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Science, Drama and Dance, Visual Arts, and World Languages


The Buckley School provides an innovative, challenging curriculum based on new thinking in pedagogy, brain science, social-emotional learning, and community outreach. Our founder developed the ground-breaking 4-Fold Plan, which gives equal emphasis to academics, the arts, athletics, and moral education. We still use this plan as a guiding framework today.

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100
Support Services:

We have full-time learning specialist and Middle-Upper School counselor, a Lower School psychologist,. We also have a Lower School educational therapist and learning specialist.

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

We use IPads to teach several subjects in grades 3-5 and a Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) program in grades 7-12, in which every student is required to bring a fully charged laptop to school every day.

School Championships:

The Buckley School's varsity teams consistently win league championships in every sport. Last year, we earned third seed in the FIRST Robotics tournament and won a total of 73 Scholastic Art Awards.

School Clubs:

In Lower School, the Culture Club meets twice a month to explore holidays and cultures around the world and The Griffin Pride cheers on students in Upper School athletics. In the Middle and Upper School more than 20 clubs a year reflect the traditions and interests of the student body.

Parking Spaces/Availability:

Because of our location in a residential neighborhood, The Buckley School enforces a bus and carpool policy. All students must either take the bus to school (we run eight routes throughout the Los Angeles area) or participate in a carpool. Seniors may park on campus.

Uniform Guidelines:

Girls and boys can choose from a variety of uniform polo shirts and plain white button-downs and pants, shorts, or skirts. There are slight variations between the Lower and Middle/Upper School uniforms. Seniors may wear black polos with the Griffin logo.

Admissions Deadline: December 15
Mission Statement:

The Buckley School is a dynamic, nurturing learning community committed to equity and inclusion. Our innovative teachers and challenging programs inspire creativity, courage, and collaboration. By promoting a balanced development of mind, body, and character, we encourage each student to find joy and meaning in life and make an impact in the world.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: The entire community signs The Buckley Commitment every year. The Commitment was created by students in 1995 to guide the community in school-wide standards of behavior. These values are carved into the cement steps of the Commitment Courtyard and posted around campus. Students, families, faculty, staff, and the Board of Trustees commit to: Honesty Loyalty Respect Kindness Self-Reliance and Self-Discipline
School History: Founded in 1933 by Isabelle Buckley, The Buckley School is the oldest K-12 independent co-ed day school in Los Angeles. Dr. Buckley developed the 4-Fold Plan of Education: equal emphasis on Academics, the Arts, Athletics, and Moral Education. These four pillars remain the foundation of our school and are continually updated to reflect current research in teaching, brain science, diversity, and a globalized world.
Programs and Services:

Service Learning, Outdoor Education, Multiculturalism and Inclusion, The Student Voice newspaper, College Counseling, Performing Arts, Educational Technology, Health Office, Athletic Training, Strength and Conditioning, and many others.