Episcopal High School

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Basic Information

Address: 1200 North Quaker Lane Alexandria, VA 22302
Phone Number: 703-933-4062
President: Charles M. Stillwell
School Type: Boarding School

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Episcopal High School

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Additional Information

Founded: 1839
Ages/Grades: 9-12
School Setting:

Boarding School


100% boarding, co-ed (50% boys, 50% girls)

School Size: 440 students
Classroom Size: Average class size of 11
Student/Teacher Ratio: 5 to 1


Financial Aid:

7.2 Million


English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Modern and Classical Languages, Science, The Arts, Theology, Computer Studies

School Championships:

43 IAC and 38 ISL Championships since 1993

Notable Graduates/Alumni:

John McCain

Admissions Deadline: January 15, 2020
Mission Statement:

Founded on a tradition of honor and the pursuit of self-discovery, Episcopal High School engages students in a challenging college preparatory education.

The School fosters empathy and responsibility for self and others through a commitment to spiritual inquiry and growth in a fully residential community. Students are encouraged to think creatively, work collaboratively, develop individual passions, and celebrate the talents of others.

Sharing diverse life experiences, ideas, and values, students learn humility, resilience, and mutual respect. Through access to the educational and cultural resources of the nation's capital, students are inspired to understand and embrace a changing world. Together, faculty and students take initiative as informed citizens and environmental stewards.

Episcopal strives to prepare young people to become discerning individuals with the intellectual and moral courage to lead principled lives of leadership and service to others.

School History: Founded in 1839