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Address: 26763 Plaza, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
County: usa
School District: California
Phone Number: 9495823956

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Experienced Staff and Great Location. Call Us Today To Set Up a Free Tour! Accredited by the American Montessori Society. A Perfect Montessori Environment for your children to discover their passion for learning. Music classes are part of the weekly infant and toddler curriculum. Children are introduced to musical instruments and songs from a variety of genres including folk, blues, classical, and jazz. Body movement, rhyming, rhythm patterns, and various instruments support musical growth in the classroom. Children begin weekly fine art classes in our primary program. They begin with basic techniques, how to hold a paintbrush, how to create lines, and expand to learning about various artists and art mediums. Our Christian curriculum is woven into our Montessori day in a loving, practical, age-appropriate way. Children learn about God’s love daily through music, sensory play and grace before meals. Children begin weekly Bible study in their third year of the primary program. Kindergarten and third-year primary students participate in weekly PE classes. Their curriculum includes an introduction to various physical activity and group games including folk dancing, bowling, yoga, and more. In addition to healthy living, our goals include fun, good sportsmanship, taking turns, and an introduction to a variety of games.

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Summers at MM fill up quickly and should not be missed! We offer two, 4-week sessions each with a unique enrichment theme filled with crafts, cooking projects, water play and special visitors. Summer hours and tuition are consistent with the regular school year and attendance is optional for our current students. 26763 Plaza, Mission Viejo , CA 92691
Orange County California
Toddlers are curious about everything! Experience becomes understanding which promotes and encourages the explosion of language. Our pre-primary, toddler environment is prepared for children between the ages of 2-3 years. Children gain independence and concentration working with Montessori materials, caring for their environment and mastering toilet training. Toddlers also participate in group activities such as outdoor play, stories, sensory activity, music and art. Step into a primary classroom and you will be amazed at how peaceful, happy and busy the children are. At home your child is most likely heard saying "I want to do it myself!" In the Montessori environment we not only allow it but encourage it. Maria Montessori observed that children love to do "real work" and when allowed they not only learn but become more confident in the process.
In a primary classroom, you are likely to see a 3-year old doing something such as watering the classroom plants and polishing it's leaves. This is not pretend she is really participating in real "work" and is part of the classroom community. You may see a 4-year old lying down at a work rug with a 5-year old friend working with the movable alphabet and doing short vowel word building. Not only is the older child learning from teaching the 4-year old but the 4-year old is feeling proud to be doing the "big kid" work and is confident when challenged to move to the next level.