Montessori Academy of Cincinnati

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Basic Information

Address: 8293 Duke Boulevard Mason, Ohio 45040
County: Warren
Phone Number: (513) 398-7773
School Type: Montessori School

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Montessori Academy of Cincinnati
Montessori Academy of Cincinnati
Montessori Academy of Cincinnati
Montessori Academy of Cincinnati

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Additional Information

Organization Affiliation: Montessori School
Ages/Grades: 18 Months - 5 Years
School Setting:

Montessori School

School Schedule: Monday – Friday, 7:00am to 6:30pm


School Size: 280 Students
Classroom Size: 33 Students
Student/Teacher Ratio: Toddlers: 1:6 TPS: 1:8 Pre Primary: 1:10 Elementary: 1:15

$8,440 - $18,890


Characteristics Of Our Programs
Teacher/Student Ratios. Our Toddler program has a teacher/student ratio of 1:6 and our Transitional Preschool teacher/student ratio is 1:8. At the Preprimary level, our teacher/student ratio is 1:10, and at the Elementary level, our teacher/student ratio is 1:15.

Multi-Cultural. Over the years, our Program has become very appealing to families from many different countries, from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. For example, during the 2017/2018 school year, forty-six percent of our school population represents minority backgrounds. This diversity is extremely valuable, enabling all of our students to learn about differences on a firsthand basis every day.

Individualized Education. Our Program recognizes individual learning ability, interest, style and pace. Students are not restricted to grade level curriculum.

Positive Self-Esteem. We encourage independence and initiative.

Respect. We instill consideration for one another and the environment.

Structured Environment. Our Program creates a structured environment, within which freedom of choice flourishes.

Multi-Age Classrooms. At all levels, students benefit from classes that host children of different ages.

Ours is a nurturing environment in which we use a positive, gentle and consistent approach with all the students. We emphasize the use of uniquely designed Montessori Materials. These materials are manipulative; the students learn by doing. The materials are carefully sequenced to lead a child from simple concepts and concrete experiences to more complex concepts and abstractions.

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Uniform Guidelines:


Admissions Deadline: Rolling Admissions
Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to promote the growth and development of children from early childhood through middle teenage years by instilling a love of learning and assuring a solid grounding in the basics of education that will help them achieve their potential and prepare them for secondary and higher education. As educators, we provide students with the opportunity to learn, grow, develop, assimilate values, and relate peacefully and respectfully to other people and to the natural world. We are dedicated to high standards of excellence, achieved through a challenging curriculum in a superior facility using current technologies while being respectful of each child’s level of physical, social, emotional and academic abilities. Students are provided with a nurturing and secure environment that fosters self-discipline, respect and a true love of learning. Our curriculum follows the Montessori curriculum, utilizing the Montessori philosophy and teaching methods and incorporating other teaching methods that complement the Montessori Philosophy. This philosophy maximizes the manipulative approach to learning. We will help students learn the universal principles of human existence and interaction such as:

Respect for one another and our environment
Responsibility for one’s actions

Notes/School Information:

Montessori Academy of Cincinnati is dedicated to serving students from 18 months through 8th grade. We offer a nurturing learning environment that instills a love of learning and assures a solid grounding in the basics of education. Our challenging curriculum and superior facility help develop each student's physical, social, emotional, and academic abilities. With a campus situated on 7.5 acres, our students have numerous opportunities to play and learn outdoors. We invite you to visit us and discover what makes our school so special.