Wolcott College Prep

Basic Information

Address: 524 N. Wolcott Ave, Chicago (West Town)
County: Cook
Phone Number: 312-610-4900
Fax Number: 312-610-4950
President: Jennifer Levine
Principal: Dr. Miriam Pike
School Type: Day High School

Action Shots

Wolcott College Prep
Wolcott College Prep

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Additional Information

Accreditation: ISACS, LMAIS, ISBE
Founded: 2013
Ages/Grades: 9 - 12
School Schedule: 8:40am - 3:40pm
School days in Calendar Year: 185+
School Size: 150
Classroom Size: 10 - 12
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1 - 10
Financial Aid:

extremely generous


College Prep

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100
Support Services:

Every student receives learning support

After School Programs: Yes
School Championships:

in basketball, cross-country and tennis

School Clubs:

25+ clubs and numerous award-wining athletic programs

Uniform Guidelines:


Admissions Deadline: Rolling Admissions
Mission Statement:

Wolcott serves bright high school students with learning differences who thrive in our strength-based, collaborative community. Our students are creative, athletic, curious, and driven. They excel academically and benefit from our strength-based learning environment. At Wolcott, we structure our program around the understanding that ‘how we teach is as important as what we teach’. This guiding principle has empowered our students to achieve their potential in school, pursue their interests outside, and transition to college successfully. Wolcott proudly serves as a catalyst to this transformation. Our students often have a specific learning disability or an executive functioning challenge and have yet to reach their potential. A psycho-educational evaluation completed by a licensed clinician is required as a part of the admission process. Our program is not designed to meet the needs of students with primary emotional or behavioral challenges.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Wolcott is an exemplary college preparatory high school for students with learning differences, tailored to the strengths and aspirations of each student. Employing best practices, our expert faculty is committed to helping each student achieve academically, communicate effectively, and grow socially as well as develop the self-awareness, confidence, and resilience to thrive in college and beyond. As valued members of our intentionally diverse and close-knit community, Wolcott students cultivate their interests and talents and develop a sense of purpose and responsibility to themselves and others.