Islamic School of Columbia

Basic Information

Address: 408 Locust St, Columbia MO. 65205
County: boone
Phone Number: 573-442-1556
Fax Number: 573-442-1556
President: Nizam Rasheed
School Type: Elementary

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Islamic School of Columbia

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Additional Information

Founded: 1998
Ages/Grades: Infant, toddler - 5th grade
School Schedule: The official school hours are from 7:30 am – 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
School days in Calendar Year: 188 days
School Holidays: public and Islamic holidays
School Size: 55 students
Classroom Size: 3 students - 10 sttudents
Student/Teacher Ratio: 55 students 12 teachers

Daycare $400 - Preschool $350 - KG-5 grade $275

Financial Aid:

Limited scholarships are available for students with excellent academic





“Read: In the name of thy Lord Who createth,
Createth man from a clot.
Read: And thy Lord is the Most Bounteous,
Who teacheth by the pen,
Teacheth man that which he knew not.”
Al-Qur’an 96: 1-5

The education program of Islamic School of Columbia-Missouri (ISC-M) has been developed with the ultimate aim to prepare a student to be the best Muslim citizen possible - one who consciously worships Allah (SWT) and diligently promotes Islamic values; according to the teachings of Al-Qur’an and Al-Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

We present core curriculum in mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, computer science, physical education, and fine arts (following some of the best public and private schools of the region).

The curriculum of all subject areas has integrated Islamic principles and knowledge with the criteria set forth by the State of Missouri. It also incorporates education materials and guidelines developed by Islamic educational organizations, such as IBERR, IQRA and the Tarbiya Project.

Core subject areas are Qur’an, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Language Art, Computer Studies and Physical Education. ISC-M strongly emphasizes the development of Islamic behavior and personality. Daily instruction includes different aspects of Islamic manners, prayers and how to maintain an Islamic personality in a non-Islamic society. The instructions encompass every aspect of students’ lives, such as school uniform, holiday celebrations, hygiene and personal etiquette (including male/female social interactions).

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
Camp Programs: No
After School Programs: Yes
School Clubs:

Arabic & Spanish clubs

Notable Graduates/Alumni:

Alhamdulellah, In 2009 our first Islamic Students Graduates, graduated from the public High School

Parking Spaces/Availability:

yes $5/month

Mission Statement:

Islamic School of Columbia Missouri
Mission Statement

Allah (S.W.T.) commanded us to read. It is the parents' as well as
the community's responsibility to ensure a quality education for our
children. The Islamic School of Columbia Missouri (ISCM), therefore,
is established as an Islamic educational environment conducive for
imparting knowledge, skill, understanding to our children. The ISCM
will enhance the development (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and
physical) of a Muslim child through Islamic values, while ensuring the
highest academic standard necessary for effective daily living as

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

“Oh, you who believe! Protect yourselves and your
family from a fire whose fuel
is men and stones…”
Al-Qur’an 66:6

“Beware! Everyone of you is a guardian &
every one of you is responsible for his subject.”
(Agreed upon)


We welcome you and your family to the Islamic School of Columbia-Missouri (ISC-M). You have taken an important step towards assuring your child receives proper education in an Islamic environment. We sincerely hope that your child will find it enjoyable here. It is our hope that the children will appreciate the peace and the security associated with the Islamic way of life.

For your child, the quality of Islamic education depends essentially on the degree of cooperative effort from three important institutions: home, school, and community. If the child receives a high degree of Islamic values in all of these three environments; then, the child's Islamic personality will become stronger.

This handbook will familiarize you with general information on the philosophy, policies, and instruction programs at our school. It will also serve as an ongoing frame of reference that governs our mutual relationship in the attempt to provide an Islamic based education for your child(ren), future leaders of this community. As parents and guardians you are strongly encouraged to share the information in this handbook with your child(ren).

Our Education Board and Staff members are dedicated in providing opportunities for your child(ren), which will help to bring out the best in his or her abilities. We want to help provide growth opportunities for their present and for their future. We eagerly welcome you as parents / guardians to be active participants in your child’s educational process. We, as educators, recognize that the community is an important element that contributes to the success of your children’s education. We are confident that you will contribute by acting as our ambassadors of good will; and reach out into the community for support of the school, for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

Again, welcome to, Islamic School of Columbia-Missouri, an ‘Ibadah and Da’wah based institution.
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you and your family.

School History:

In the spring 1998, the Shura Council (Board of Trustees) of the Islamic Center of Central Missouri surveyed the Muslim community in the city of Columbia soliciting its opinion on several projects to be undertaken - prioritization based on need and importance to the community. One of these projects was the establishment of a full-time Islamic School. The results of the survey listed establishment of an Islamic School as the first priority for the community. Accordingly, a decision was made in May 1998 to open a full-time Islamic School beginning fall 1998. A principal was hired to initiate the implementation of this decision.

Early summer of 1998, a three-member committee (including the Principal) was formed to work on facility, curriculum, textbooks, teacher recruitment, compilation of School handbook, and enrollment of students.

The school opened its doors in fall 1998 at 408 Locust Street with four grades: preschool, kindergarten, first and second grades. A multi-grade level teaching system was implemented for twenty-four students enrolled in the first year. These students were accommodated in two classes: ten students in preschool; and fourteen students in kindergarten, first and second altogether. Two Muslim certified teachers were hired for each class. The school was named “Islamic School of Columbia-Missouri”.

Every passing school year, thereafter, one grade was added until fifth grade. The School Education Board at the time decided not to go beyond fifth grade until better facilities were available and more qualified teachers hired.

The Islamic School of Columbia-Missouri has operated under the auspices of the Islamic Center of Central Missouri until December 2005. On January 10, 2006, the school was incorporated with the state of Missouri as an independent non-profit entity and has been operating as such since.

Notes/School Information:


“And those who believe and whose families follow them in Faith,-
to them shall We join their families:
Nor shall We deprive them (of the fruit) of aught of their works: 
(Yet) is each individual in pledge for his deeds”
Al-Qur’an 52:21
According to the Islamic teachings, parents residing in paradise, with the mercy of Allah (SWT), would wish very eagerly that their children would be with them in the paradise too. Allah (SWT) will please these parents by making their children join the family, if the following conditions are fulfilled, according to the above verse of Al-Qur’an.
First of all, parents must be believers in Islam. Secondly, their children must also be believers in Islam. Lastly, the children must follow the footsteps of their parents in good deeds.   Allah (SWT) promises in Al-Qur’an that He (SWT) then will make the whole family come together, forever, in paradise (Al-Jannah).
In order to fulfill these three important conditions, and to benefit from the open invitation and sacred promise of Allah (SWT), Islamic education is a must for our children, and an Islamic school is a necessity for us as a community living in a non-Islamic society. Islamic education is the education about Allah (SWT) the Creator and all His creation within the instruction of conventional subject areas.   With this approach, children will be continuously assisted to achieve the state of (taqwa) awareness and fear of displeasing Allah (SWT). 
According to a Hadith mentioned by Ibn Katheer and narrated by Abu Hurarah(RA) in Musnad Ahmad, individuals residing in very high levels of paradise will wonder how they reached the high levels when their own deeds did not seem to merit such a reward. Allah (SWT) will say to them:
“You left behind your children who were praying for you
all the time, and this kept raising your level in paradise,
higher and higher.”
If we as parents wish to raise our children to pray for us, and hope that Allah (SWT) accepts their prayers, Islamic education is the only alternative. Full-time Islamic education is a top priority for us and for our children. We shall then see the mercy of Allah (SWT), all family members together and in higher and higher levels in paradise, insha Allah.

“Read: And thy Lord is the Most Bounteous,
Who teacheth by the pen,
Teacheth man that which he knew not”
Al- Qur’an 96: 3-5
‘Anas (RA) reported Allah’s Messenger (SAW) as saying: “seeking knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim”. (Mishkat-ul-Masabih, Hadith 218).
In order to create a comprehensive program that would fulfill the Islamic educational philosophy, purpose, goals, and mission, ISC-M has established and defined its broad Islamic education objectives into six areas:
1.      To create a quality learning environment for the student within an Islamic environment.
2.      To present core curriculum in mathematics, science, language arts, social studies and also in computer science, physical education, and fine arts based on some of the best public and private schools of the region, in an Islamic context by using Al-Qur’an and Sunnah as the most important sources of knowledge.
3.      To provide instruction in Qur’an, Arabic language, Islamic history, and Islamic studies.
4.      To promote the development of an Islamic personality so that the individual student will live according to the principles of Qur’an and exemplify the words and actions of Prophet Muhammad (saw).
5.      To prepare each student to lead his life according to Islamic principles while equipping him/her with the knowledge and skills to use modern technology.
6.      To prepare the youth to make a positive and useful contribution to society.
This program, when implemented effectively according to the above stated objectives, will be able to produce excellent students in both academic and behavioral realms.
“…Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of
Allah is the most righteous of you…”
Al-Qur’an 49: 13