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Address: 17701 Cowan, Suite 120 Irvine, CA 92614
Phone Number: 949-833-0900
Director/Owner: Natascha Dammann

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Additional Information


In person at our San Diego and Irvine schools and online classes.

Classroom Size: 2 to 10 students in a small group

$219 to $279

Financial Aid:


Languages used as a Medium of Teaching: Various
Credit Available: No
Course Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Experience Required:


Computer Capabilities:

Online live language classes.

Parking Spaces/Availability:

Yes. Parking available at our San Diego and Irvine locations.

Admissions Deadline: N/A
Application Process:


Mission Statement:

Language Door believes in the power of people and social connectivity. Embracing diversity in today’s society is
imperative and the reason why our community is great as a whole. Our mission is to provide an outstanding
and unparalleled learning experience with top-notch instructors.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Continue providing excellent programs to raise social and cultural understanding through foreign language instructions. Doing our part for a better tomorrow in our international world, one class at a time.

School History:

We have over 18 years of teaching experience. Our focus is on small group classes to maximize the interaction between students and teachers. We also offer private lessons. Language Door’s expert teachers offer quality instruction for students of all ages in a pleasant environment.


Our experience with Language Door has been fantastic. First, the owner Natascha is fantastic. She’s multi lingual and very hands on. She loves what she does and it shows with all the students. She knows what teachers would be best for certain students. Walking in I feel transported to an international setting where people are open minded, multicultural and inclusive. I wouldn’t hesitate making the call! Thanks Language Door for embracing the love of language! Zinat T.

Program Highlights:

Class size is always small. Our teachers are native speakers who offer hands on training that enhances the learning experience.

Visa Requirement:


Travel/Living Accommodations: N/A
Notes/School Information:

Language Door

Hola! Bonjour! Ni hao! Konnichiwa! Welcome to the Orange County Language Door School! You can learn and use Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Greek, Korean, English, Arabic, Farsi, ASL - American Sign Language and many other foreign languages at our Orange County Language Door School.

We offer classes in 36 different Languages. Language Door opened in 2002, and has provided classes in dozens of languages to students from all over the Southern California area. We also offer online classes.