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Basic Information

Address: Calle Central con Avenida 6 Santa Ana, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 888-669-1664
Director/Owner: Andrew Kaufman

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Conversa Spanish Programs
Conversa Spanish Programs
Conversa Spanish Programs

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Additional Information

Ages: 6+


School Schedule (Hours in Day): 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. CST
School Size: 100+
Classroom Size: 1
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:1

$30/hour (additional fees for transcripting if seeking college credit)

Financial Aid:


Languages used as a Medium of Teaching: Spanish
Credit Available: Yes
Course Levels: Elementary Spanish I and II, Intermediate Spanish I and II, Basic Spanish Conversation, Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition
Experience Required:


Percentage of Graduating Class: N/a
Computer Capabilities:

Basic computer skills

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Admissions Requirements:

There are no requirements for admission if not seeking college credit. For students seeking college credit, for courses other than Elementary Spanish I, students must demonstrate that they have the foundation to take a particular course prior to enrollment.

Admissions Deadline: Open
Application Process:

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

At Conversa we believe very strongly in learning languages through conversation. Our one-on-one approach allows students to get entirely personalized attention, while offering them plenty of opportunity to speak the language. In addition to the constant contact in the classroom, our teaching staff has a variety of resources available to make the learning process outside the class as engaging and entertaining as the class time itself.

School History:

Conversa was founded in 1975 as a full immersion Spanish program in Costa Rica. In 2007 we launched our online program, making us among the first in the field to be offering live Spanish classes through video conference. In 2020 we launched our virtual campus, creating a more immersive environment for our community, and allowing our students to virtually travel around in our Spanish speaking world.


“I have been an on-line student at Conversa for almost 3 years, and find the program to be exceptional. My background is as an educator, so I was looking for a company that offered solid based instruction, with true planning. Conversa is just that, with wonderful friendly patient teaches. The one-to-one lessons personalize the learning and are easy to connect, using Zoom." Johanna V.

“I've been taking lessons through Conversa for several years and can't say enough good things about my teacher Auxi and the school in general. My Spanish has dramatically improved, and there is no doubt I am much more confident speaking, reading, and writing. I've been to a few different schools both abroad and online; but Conversa's curriculum is the best and most organized by far. I also get a genuine feeling that my teacher loves her job and wants me to improve. Highly recommended!” Brad W.

“I would recommend the Conversa Spanish online learning to anyone. It’s simply the best one out there (not to mention best value). The instructors are brilliant, while also very patient and encouraging; the exact combination in my opinion needed for success in learning another language. The one-on-one classes really made a difference in my learning and have brought my Spanish to the next level. I always look forward to talking to my teacher, who is well prepared, interesting (and funny!). Then, the added bonus are all the workshops offered during the week. The subjects are interesting, and it’s a chance to learn more, practice more and meet other Spanish learners at the same time. I don’t know of any other program that offers all extras that Conversa does. I highly recommend it. ” Erin D.

Program Highlights:

Live, one-on-one instruction through videoconference.
Ample student and teacher resources.
Experienced Spanish teachers (all native speakers), on average more than 15 years teaching Spanish as a second language.

Visa Requirement:


Travel/Living Accommodations: N/a