Dr. N. H. Jones Elementary School

Basic Information

Address: 1900 SW 5th Street Ocala, FL 34471
County: Marion
School District: Marioin County
Phone Number: 352-671-7260
Fax Number: 352-671-7266
Principal: Don Raymond

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Math, Science, Technology, and Media Production Magnet School
State District ID: 042
State School ID: 0311
Founded: founded in 1960, became a magnet school in 1994
Ages/Grades: K-5
School Schedule (Hours in Day): 7:15 AM - 2:10 PM
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Colors: Blue and gold
School Mascot: Panther
Cluster: one K-2 Project Child, 2-5th grade self-contained gifted, K-5 traditional gifted.
School Size: 749
Classroom Size: K-3 = 18, 4-5 = 22
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1 - 16.7
School Performance: We have been an A rated school for the past ten years. We were ranked the 4th best school in the state of Florida this year.
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Eaach classroom has 6 student MacIntosh computers for media production. We also have three Mac Lap top carts, one I-Touch cart, and one I-Pad cart for student use. Teachers each have a Mac lap top and a Dell desk top. Grades 1, 3, 4, and 5 all have engaged classrooms.

Awards & Recognition: Rated an A school for the past ten years Apple distinguished school award, one of 38 nationally, received for the past two years. 2005 National Blue Ribbon School, nominated for Blue Ribbon Award for 2011. We receive approximately 30 county media awards a year We receive approximately 12 State media awards a year We receive between 2- 10 international media awards each year. We are recognized with a state award each year for have superior volunteer hours We have received recognition for contibuting the most to the American Heart Associations jump rope for heart. We have been rated the fourth best school in the state of FLorida.
Admissions Requirements:

The student population will consist of 65% majority, (white) students and 35% minority students.  Minority students will be selected according to the following procedures:

Kindergarten Acceptance

All kindergarten students take a readiness exam which determines readiness to start kindergarten.  A behavior observation is made at the same time the screening takes place.  Points are given for the behavior observation as well as for each correct response on the screening.  Students are rank ordered from high to low according to points earned.

Students are then accepted as follows:

Order of Acceptance of Qualified Minority Students:

First priority: Kindergarten students in the walk-in area are automatically accepted with acceptable proof of address as long as there are minority openings available.  We register kindergarten students in March and April and maintain one opening for each kindergarten classroom for area students from registration until July first at which time we fill the openings from minority students on the waiting list. Students applying after classes are full are placed on a high priority waiting list.

Second Priority: Kindergarten students that are siblings of students already enrolled at Dr. N. H. Jones are given an additional five points to be used in the calculation of the final point count.

Third Priority: Students in schools with minority enrollment above the district-wide average.

Fourth Priority are all other minority students.

Order of Acceptance of Qualified Majority Students:

First priority: Siblings that have a score above the cut off score

Second Priority are all other students with a score above the cut off score.

Criteria for acceptance for students in grades 1 and 2

Test Score: --
Grades: E's and S's with no grades of N or U's
Discipline: No N's or U's
Attendance: Good attendance with minimal tardies

Criteria for acceptance for students in grades 3 - 5

Test Scores: FCAT 7, 8, 9 stanines or Levels 3, 4, and 5 with priority given to level 4 and 5
Grades: A/B average with no grades of D or F
Discipline: No N’s or U’s
Attendance: Good attendance with minimal tardies

Procedure of Acceptance

Students that qualify are ranked from high to low using a rubric, see attached.  Students are then chosen according to need for minority or majority students in the order of ranking.  When two students are equal then the date of the application is used as the deciding factor

The first step is to fill out an application form:

•    Registration forms may be obtained in the front office at Dr. N. H. Jones.  The forms are color coded and are not available on line. Fill out an application, available in the front office and turn it in. 
•    For kindergarten we accept applications up to one year prior to the eligible enrollment date. 
•    Turn in a copy of the most recent report card, any letters of recommendation, and the most recent test results.
•    We enroll 35% minority, accepting qualifying neighborhood students first and then others, and 65% majority students.
•    We utilize a rubric to identify the students that are accepted.  Those students that meet the criteria are placed on a waiting list to be considered for any openings that occur.  Students are rank ordered according to the rubric score and date of application.
•    For kindergarten, we accept all neighborhood children that apply, up to 35% of our kindergarten enrollment.  We close enrollment a week prior to the start of school or when we reach our capacity.  Typically we screen the first 200 students that apply for kindergarten.  We screen and accept all neighborhood children until such time as our classes are full.  We hold one slot for each kindergarten until two weeks before school starts.

Admissions Deadline: kindergarten applications are accepted one year prior to enrollment and may be turned in one week after the start of the school year for the following year. We screen the first 200 applicants so applications need to be turned in prior to the end of September to make the cut off. Applications for students in grades 1-5 may be turned in at any time.
Mission Statement:

In an innovative environment, students will excel in basic academics with enhanced learning in math, science, technology, and media production.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Dr. N. H. Jones Elementary School is located on the west side of Ocala, Florida, in the middle of a proud black community. Ocala lies in central Florida nestled between gently rolling hills and elegant horse farms. Marion County is home to over 293,000 people. As a magnet school, we draw about 25% of our students from our immediate walk-in community. The remaining 75% of our students come from all over Marion County, with 10 % of the students from outlying areas being minority. Our overall population is 757 students from kindergarten through fifth grade, about 36.5% of whom are minority and 63.5% Caucasian.

Dr. N. H. Jones first opened in 1960 with seven classroom buildings. Since that time, we have added three new buildings. The most recent addition of a ten classroom building was completed in 2009. We have 45 classrooms that are fully networked, a media center, computer lab with 30 Macintosh computers, media production lab, and a science lab. We have converted 32 of our classes to engaged classrooms.

Our vision is: “Dr. N. H. Jones, where every child will achieve academic excellence.” It is our belief that all students will learn and perform at a high level. School-based decisions must support this vision, and our resources and field trips are conceived and planned to achieve this end. As a result of our vision, we provide a strong remediation program that is designed to close the achievement gap. We also provide a multi-leveled enrichment program: one for the highly gifted, a regular gifted program and an enhanced classroom program. Our vision statement goes hand-in-hand with our mission statement: “In an innovative environment, students will excel in basic academics with enhanced learning in math, science, technology, and media production.”

Dr. N. H. Jones consistently leads the state in student performance and was rated as the ninth best school in the state of Florida by Digger.com. We regularly have students achieving perfect scores on the state FCAT.

Dr. N. H. Jones has come to be known as the media production center for Marion County. For the past five years, our students have been awarded well over 80% of the county’s elementary-level media awards, countless state awards and between five and ten international awards each year. Our students are coveted at the middle school magnet programs. The tone is set each day as the students recite a student pledge:

I am proud to be a student, at Dr. N. H. Jones.
Today, and every day,
I promise to adhere to the lifelong guidelines of:
Active listening
No put downs
And personal best.

These guidelines are not only the cornerstone of our character education program, but are the very foundation of what we expect of all students every day. The pledge is a way of life that not only helps us establish a safe and secure climate on campus, but also places academic achievement and citizenship squarely at the center of the Dr. N.H. Jones community. We have a student produced morning television program "Panther Pride", which focuses on a different character trait each month. The combined effort of the morning news show, student pledge, and classroom follow up creates a strong, supportive environment and encourages positive student growth.

Parents are encouraged to play an active role at our school. Our Parent Teacher Organization not only raises funds for needed projects, but provides opportunities for parent education. Parents spent over 19,000 hours last year volunteering to help at all grade levels. They did everything from teaching numbers and letters to running small book clubs. Many parents take advantage of lunch breaks to come and eat lunch with their children.

School History:

Dr. N. H. Jones was originally opened in 1960 as a neighborhood school, NH Jones Upper Elementary. It partnered with College Park Elementary School by housing grades third through fifth while College Park housed grades kindergarten through second. In 1994 the school board converted Dr. N. H. Jones to a magnet school focusing on mathematics, science and technology. Mrs. Lynn Glanzer was hired as principal to open the magnet school. After spending countless hours visiting schools and the neighbors, the doors opened with about 425 students. Mrs. Glazer was the principal for about three years until she was asked to open Saddlewood Elementary School. Mrs. Rebecca Gerald was hired to replace her and served as principal for two years. In July 2001 Mr. George D. Raymond was hired to be the principal.

The magnet school was fitted with five student computers for every classroom. These computers are currently being upgraded. Teachers use the technology as a regular part of their daily instruction. Students utilize technology to develop Power Point presentations, to do written documents, to do research and reports, as well as to develop media productions. A science lab was developed to be part of the weekly instruction that students receive. Students go to the lab to learn about and to utilize the scientific method to learn about their world. Students learn to work cooperatively in an inquiry approach to science. A computer lab was outfitted to teach students how to utilize the many programs available at the school. This approach has been changing; the lab is now used to support what is going on in the classroom with students learning to use computers to complete projects assigned by the homeroom teacher.

Since its opening the population has grown to about 745 students in grades kindergarten - fifth grade. Two new classroom buildings have been added as well as a new cafeteria and stage. A self-contained program for highly gifted children has been added and expanded to two classrooms. Students need to be highly motivated, have a full scale IQ of 140 or above, have stainine scores of 7-9 and no grades below a C. Students in grades 2-5 may be considered for this program.

Media production has become a mainstay of the school with students usually taking the majority of the county elementary school awards, usually a dozen state awards and 1 - 5 international awards. Students at all grade levels take part in the media production program.

Dr. N. H. Jones has maintained a grade of "A" for the past ten years and has made AYP every year. The state nominated the school to the federal government to be a Blue Ribbon School with a final decision being made in Washington by October.

Notes/School Information:

About our Principal

Mr. Raymond graduated from Keene State College with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education in 1968.  After graduation he spent four years in the U.S. Navy, serving as an intelligence officer, and electronic warfare specialist.  He received the Naval Achievement Medal for his accomplishments in a Nato exercise and in his work organizing the ships security systems as well as nuclear support systems.  He then received 27 graduate credits in Inner City Studies from the University of Illinois and 21 credits in Educational Administration from the University of Wisconsin.  He received his masters degree in Administrative Leadership from Nova University.  Mr. Raymond taught sixth grade for four years in the inner city of Chicago and then became an assistant principal for one year.


In 1977, as principal, he opened St. Leo School in the inner city of Milwaukee.  During his five years as principal there, his school received national recognition for the quality of the program.  Newspapers came from as far away as Portland, Dallas, and Boston, to study and replicate the program.  George Washington Institute also sent a team to study the program.  During this time Mr. Raymond also became an educational consultant, working with such people as Dr. Ron Edmonds, from Harvard to improve the quality of educational program in the public school systems of Milwaukee and St. Louis.


In 1982 Mr. Raymond became the principal of St. Pius School in the suburbs of Milwaukee.  He remained there until 1986 when he moved to Ocala to teach fifth grade at Madison Street School.  He then went on to teach fourth grade at Emerald Shores, to become assistant principal at Harbour View and Ward-Highlands Elementary Schools.  He came to Dr. N. H. Jones as principal in July 2001.  Dr. N. H. Jones has maintained an A school every year since his coming and was one of only 13 schools in the state of Florida to be named a national a National Blue Ribbon School in 2005.