East Garner Magnet Middle School

East Garner Magnet Middle School Logo

Basic Information

Address: 6301 Jones Sausage Rd. Garner, N.C. 27529
County: Wake
School District: Wake County Public Schools
Phone Number: 919-662-2339
Fax Number: 919-662-2357

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Magnet theme
Ages/Grades: Grades 6 8
School Schedule (Hours in Day): 7 hrs + ; 8:15 - 3:00
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Colors: Royal Blue and Gold (yellow)
School Mascot: Trojan
School Holidays: Traditional calendar
School Size: 1350
Classroom Size: 25

8 IB Subject areas = Language and literature, Individuals and societies, Sciences, Mathematics, Fine Arts (dance, piano, chorus, drama, visual art, band, orchestra), Design (business and career), Health and physical education, Language aquisition (World languages - Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese)


NC Essential standards, National science standards

Awards & Recognition: Magnet Schools of America: School of Distinction
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide students with the 21st century tools necessary to become life-long learners and responsible global citizens.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe that the involvement of the entire community is necessary to provide students with the total educational experiences needed for life-long learning and productive citizenship.
• We believe that education should be a student-centered learning process that embraces the concept that all students can learn while teachers become facilitators of learning rather than managers of instruction.
• We believe that students’ learning will increase in a collaborative environment that addresses varied student abilities through differentiation of instruction.