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Basic Information

Address: 2552 North Maple Road Ann Arbor, MI 48103
County: Washtenaw
School District: Ann Arbor Public Schools
Phone Number: 734-994-6515
Fax Number: 734-994-7028
Principal: Ms. Jackson

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Skyline High School

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Additional Information

School Type: Comprehensive & Magnet
NCES District ID: 2602820
NCES School ID: 07761
State District ID: 81010
State School ID: 09840
Founded: 2008
Ages/Grades: 9-12
School Schedule (Hours in Day): 7
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Colors: Columbia Blue & White
School Mascot: Eagle
Cluster: High School
School Holidays: Yes

Ann Arbor

School Size: 1750
Classroom Size: 33
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:20 (core subjects 1:33)

Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Visual Performing & Applied Arts, Student Support Services, World Languages, Health & Physical Education, Magnets: Business Marketing & Information Technology; Communication Media & Public Policy; Design Technology & Environmental Planning; Health & Medicine


Skyline High School provides the rigorous college preparatory program that is common to all Ann Arbor high schools. Coursework reflects state standards and local expectations for student achievement. Skyline students take many of their academic classes within smaller learning communities.
Students take electives throughout the school as their program and interests require.
Magnet Exploration integrated into all academic core classes during the 9th grade. Formal Magnet courses begin in the 10th grade. Many courses have an interdisciplinary focus.

Support Services:

Skyline High School is dedicated to the inclusion of all students to the fullest extent possible in the general education curriculum and school activities. Small learning communities, or "neighborhoods," further this goal by creating more opportunities for students to partake in the academic and extracurricular activities. Because the primary service model is inclusion in the least restrictive environment (LRE), we provide students with physical and cognitive impairments a self-contained program for their core academic classes and inclusion for their elective classes and extracurricular activities.

The staffing structure at Skyline differs slightly from the other comprehensive high schools in Ann Arbor. Teacher Consultants are available to consult with staff, students and parents regarding student needs, as well as attends to much of the departmental paperwork. They also co-teach in neighborhoods, but it is the Resource Room Teachers that work most closely with our students, as they are assigned to each neighborhood and work directly with the students and collaborate with the staff in their neighborhood on a daily basis. In most instances, resource room teachers are the case managers for the students with disabilities in their neighborhood. Additionally, teaching assistants are assigned to each program and neighborhood. The Department Chair, who is also a Teacher Consultant, oversees the special education programming, is available to talk and meet with parents/guardians, as well as AAPS personnel and community agencies.

Special education students at Skyline have access to all the specialized services necessary per their IEP, which includes, but is not limited to, case management, social work, speech and language therapy, transportation, physical therapy, nurse services, and occupational therapy services. In addition, the department chair and case managers works closely with counselors and the administration to ensure that students' scheduling needs are met.

In addition to our inclusion program (see Co-Teaching page), Skyline also offers a self-contained program for students with severe physical and/or cognitive impairments. In our new state-of-the-art facilities, this program uses a research-based, functional curriculum appropriate to the individual students' needs and per their IEP goals. Classes include English, functional math, vocational skills math, life skills (science and social studies), and Adaptive Physical Education. Students participate with their non-disabled peers in Skytime, and other electives. Currently, one special education teacher and four teaching assistants staff the program. As part of the "Diversity" neighborhood, this program, its students and staff, are included to the fullest extent appropriate and possible in the Skyline community.

School Clubs:

First Robotics Team 3322
Student Action Senate
High School Theatre Company
Gay-Straight Alliance
Chess Club
Black Student Union
College Football Club
Ski & Snowboarding
National Honors Society
Junior State of America
Latino Student Union

Mission Statement:

The mission of Skyline High School is to build and sustain a community that promotes personal connections, inquiry, agile minds, and determination. We nurture these qualities every day in everyone.

School History:

Skyline High School was established in 2008 as the 3rd comprehensive high school in Ann Arbor, MI. It includes 4 magnet programs and a limited number of open enrollment seats to students from within Ann Arbor Public Schools district.

Notes/School Information:

Why Mangets?

Ann Arbor Skyline High School magnet programs provide flexible hands-on learning experiences that empower learners to reach their potential.    The theme-based approach promotes many of the factors associated with effective schools, chiefly, innovation in program and practice, staff and curricular coherence, increased parent and community involvement, and greater student engagement, all of which add up to higher student achievement.


What Do the Magnet Programs Look Like?

Magnet programs at Skyline High School are introduced to all freshman students within the context of their regular academic core classes.  This exploration will provide both a chance to better understand the themes and learning environments of the magnets and will also give all students an opportunity to consider their own personal  interests so that, whether they select a magnet or not, they will begin to think of the choices and opportunities in their futures. 

Magnet program enrollment begins with an application process during the ninth grade year with the coursework starting during the tenth grade year.  It will be expected, but not required, that students selecting the magnet programs will continue in their magnet until graduation.  The academic courses in each magnet meet the same curriculum requirements and standards of regular academic classes and have the opportunity to focus that content on complex thinking and problem solving in the themed area.  In the senior year, magnet students culminate their learning experience through an internship or senior project.

The program offers a robust interdisciplinary curriculum to engage students in a logical progression of knowledge, skills and application. Magnet programs foster literacy, imagination, competency, and creativity in a thematic environment conducive to high achievement.

Specialized equipment and learning spaces provide additional support for innovative curricula and instructional approaches. Technology and real world applications are infused throughout the curriculum and connected across the academic disciplines. 

Magnet programs provide students with instructional continuity, a focus on complex thinking and applied knowledge, and a chance to sample the real world connection of academics and personal skills to problem solving and achievement.  Each magnet program has developed partnerships with local businesses, educational institutions, and community organizations.

School Motto: Agile Minds. Big Hearts. Deep Questions.