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Basic Information

Address: Steller Secondary 2508 Blueberry Rd Anchorage, AK 99503
County: Anchorage
School District: Anchorage School District
Phone Number: (907) 742-4950
Fax Number: (907) 742-4966
Principal: Harlod Green

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Steller Secondary School
Steller Secondary School
Steller Secondary School
Steller Secondary School

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Additional Information

School Type: Sreller Secondary is an Alternative to the large comprehensive High schools
Accreditation: Steller Secondary is an Alternative to large comprehensive High schools
NCES District ID: 0200180
NCES School ID: 020018000115
State District ID: 845
State School ID: 050670
Founded: 1974
Ages/Grades: 7 - 12
School Setting:

Steller's primary emphasis is on responsibility to self and to the Steller community. Students and parents, and staff participate in the democratic process of setting school policy and procedures. Students play an integral role in planning activities, from deciding when and where to have dances to what courses should be offered. Also, participation in the operation of the school students are encouraged to spend some of their time at Steller in community service. This practice enables students to learn more about and contribute to the larger community in which they live.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 6.5 hours in the day with an optional 1.5 hours after school.
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Colors: Blue and Green
School Mascot: Steller's Jay
School Holidays: All National Holidays, Winter Break in December and Spring Break in March

The Steller community is very involved in the School and are truly partners with the school.

School Size: 300 Students and 15 instructors. 1.5 counselors, 1 nurse, and two clerical.
Classroom Size: Ranges from 15 - 26.
Student/Teacher Ratio: Maximum 1:26 with an average or 20:1

Science, Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Social Studies, Art, Music and World Language.


Our Curriculum, while alternative in nature, perfect parallels the Anchorage School District.

School Performance: Since the inception of State Mandated Test, Steller has consistently made Annual Yearly Progress [AYP].
Percentage of Graduating Class: 95%
Support Services:

We have a fully inclusive Special Education Dept.

After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

yes, we have one computer lab and one schedule to come online in the fall of 2010-11. Each classroom has at least two computers. Our library, while small, has 8 student computers and fully operational and up-to-date.

School Championships:

Steller does not offer phase level or advanced placement classes, nor do we have an interscholastic sports program.

School Clubs:

Garden Club, Community Actions on Toxics, Jujitsu Club, Drama and Chess Club

Notable Graduates:

Mark Begich, former Mayor of Anchorage now the junior senator to the United States Congress. Jewel, actress and the world famous recording star.

Awards & Recognition: We received a Blue Ribbon award in 2005 and the New Week, "Americas Best High School" award in 2009.
Parking Spaces/Availability:

Yes, enough for staff, students and visitors

Admissions Requirements:

Steller is a lottery school.  We have two drawings per year one need only fill out an application if selected during the drawing you are a Steller Jay. 

The first lottery is in July and the second is in March.  One would need to check with the school or on the District website for dates of drawing in that the dates are assigned by the District and are a bit different each year.

Admissions Deadline: same as above
Mission Statement:

"Inspiring a Community of Independent, Confident, Self-Directed Learners"

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Steller Secondary strives to create an educational setting that fosters self-directed learning for the creation of independent, courageous, capable people, with the belief that those who are encouraged to follow their own path will, in general, be more open, more humane, and more knowledgeable than those who are directed or manipulated.

School History:

Steller was established in 1974 in response to parents interested in having their children continue their education in an environment which fosters the creation of independent, courageous people capable of dealing with the shifting complexities of the modern world, Steller Secondary is dedicated to providing young people a leadership curriculum based on the ideal that responsible freedom is a supreme good.

Notes/School Information:

Steller Secondary School is an open optional school of choice within the Anchorage School District, offering an alternative to traditional education.   It is named after Georg Wilhelm Steller, a  German naturalist who traveled with Vitus Bering on  his voyage of exploration to Alaska in 1741.  He became the school’s namesake because of such personal traits as independence, love of knowledge, courage, and a pioneering spirit.  To this end Steller students participate in many humanitarian efforts throughout the greater Anchorage area. 

Steller does not offer advance placement nor do we have an inter scholastic sports program.  At least 75% - 80% of our graduates go on to college/university. Several of our classes are taught seminar style, with an emphasis on close analysis and discussion.  Students design contracts with teachers for Independent Study (IS) or "Self-Directed Learning" special projects (SDL).  In addition, students my elect to teach a class to  their peers and get .25 credit, these classes are called peer taught student lead and developed quarter long modules. Students can also elect to pursue advanced study in a selected academic area that requires extra course work and community service.

Students who do well are able to become self-direct and self-disciplined enough to take charge of their own learning to a large extent.  During the course of their years at Steller, students usually become more independent and able to make good decisions for themselves.  

School Motto: “Only the educated are free” – Epictetu