Vista Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

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Basic Information

Address: 600 N. Santa Fe Avenue, Vista, California 92083
County: San Diego
School District: Vista Unified School District
Phone Number: 760-941-0880
Fax Number: 760-945-3201
Principal: Mary Contreras

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Kindergarten through eighth grade arts magnet school
NCES District ID: 0641190
NCES School ID: 064119006822
State District ID: 3768452
State School ID: 6040653
Founded: 1992
Ages/Grades: Kindergarten through eighth grade
School Setting:

We are in the center of the City of Vista.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8am to 2:20pm
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Colors: purple and teal
School Mascot: Bulldog
School Holidays: 2 week Winter break, 2 week spring break, and other national holidays
School Size: We are a large campus with 1, 100 students
Student/Teacher Ratio: approximately 25 to 1 (depending on grade level)

We teach all the state required content standards. The VAVPA magnet program is unique in that the arts are taught as core academic subjects and are fully integrated into all the content areas and into each student's daily learning schedule.

School Performance: We have been a low performing school due to not meeting our test scores for our English Language Learners and Special Education students; however, last year we met all our subgroup criterias and are hoping to do so again this year which would exit us out of program improvement. We currently have a 793 API.
Percentage of Graduating Class: All our eighth grade students promote onto the high school.
Support Services:

We have an Academic Intervention Specialist who ensures that all students who need additional support receive that support either in tutoring after school or during our Saturdays at the Academy program. We also have a counselor and nurse on campus.

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

We have 2 large computer labs as well as computers in all classrooms.

Notable Graduates:

Many of our VAVPA alum are working in art related fields.

Awards & Recognition: We recently won a National award (KWN) for our Bulldog News program
Parking Spaces/Availability:

We have 2 medium sized parking lots at the front of the school.

Admissions Requirements:

Interested families can download an application off our district website:

or off our school website:

We accept families when we have spots available in any grade level.  The only requirement is that the family is interested in having their child participate in the arts and are willing to volunteer their time when they are available to do so.

Admissions Deadline: Ongoing throughout the year
Mission Statement:

The mission of Vista Academy of Visual and Performing Arts (VAVPA) is to educate students in an environment which encourages creativity, self-awareness and self-expression through an appreciation and understanding of the arts.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We are committed to every child achieving and exceeding the academic standards within the vision of an integrated arts approach. Our goal is to accelerate student learning by emphasizing the arts. VAVPA is unique because the arts are taught as core academic subjects, fully integrated into each student's daily learning schedule.

School History:

Orignially the school was Santa Fe Elementary and then in 1991 the district applied for magnet funding in order to focus the learning on the arts and to expand the school to a kindergarten through 8th grade campus.