Champs Charter High School of the Arts

Champs Charter High School of the Arts Logo

Basic Information

Address: 6952 Van Nuys Boulevard, Van Nuys, CA 91405
County: Los Angeles
School District: LAUSD
Phone Number: 818.994.7614
Fax Number: 818.994.9381
President: Sean McManus – Executive Director
Principal: Dr. John Biroc

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Accreditation: WASC
Organization Affilationss: Charter School Association
School Type: Charter
School Mascot: Panther
Founded: 2005
Ages/Grades: 9th – 12th
School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8:00 – 4:30
School Days in Calendar Year: 177
School Holidays: Winter Break, Spring Break, Legal Holidays, School Holidays & Other days not in session
School Size: 800 Students
Classroom Size: 25
Student/Teacher Ratio: 25/1

English, Math, Science, History, Physical Education, Media, Performing Arts, Robotics

Arts Programs:

Performing Arts & Graphics Arts

Percentage of Graduating Class: 98%
Support Services:

Resource, Tutoring

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
School Championships:

2009 Robotic World Champions

School Clubs:

Champs Ambassadors, Environmental Club, Photography Club


Robotics, Performing Arts, Media

Admissions Deadline: 9th grade application – last day in January | Lottery – First Friday in February
Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to Create Champions of Academic Excellence,  Social Responsibility, Self Expression, and Life-Long Learning through the Arts

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

CHAMPS is much more than just a learning community. It's a way of life: a way of celebrating all that life and the arts have to offer.

School History:

Founded by Dr. Norman Isaacs and a small group of concerned parents in 2005, CHAMPS Charter High School is an independent public high school offering small academic classes including honors and advanced placement, as well as comprehensive academies for dance, drama, film, music, new media and robotics. Students come from diverse backgrounds and a wide geographic area. Kindness and respect for one another predominate on the campus.

Additional Information:

At the heart of CHAMPS’ curriculum is a strong emphasis on academics and every student will be required to maintain a high level of competency in all subjects required for entrance to a state university.  With our average student to teacher ratio of 25 to 1, every student will be taught in the most optimum conditions to be able to excel in all subjects, including those that may have challenged them in the past.

Also, what makes CHAMPS so unique is the arts specialties and electives.  These offerings are designed to enhance the educational experience of every student, and advance the skills of those training in a specific art form.  These students train up to 20 hours per week perfecting their skills, in addition to their rigorous academics.  Here is a brief description of CHAMPS’ four academic units that we currently offer:

•    Academic Academy
Dedicated to serving the academic student with advanced placement in honors classes available
•    Performing Arts Academy
Dedicated to serving students specializing in theater, music and dance
•    Robotics Academy
Dedicated to serving students specializing hands-on activities in designing, building and programming robots
•    New Media Academy
Dedicated to serving students specializing in digital multimedia, art and design programs

The vision of CHAMPS is based on the premise that most young people want to do well, and given the right tools, can succeed. Principal Baylis and the teachers and staff are dedicated to making CHAMPS a place where students actually thrive on the excitement of being in school.