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Basic Information

Address: @Joe's Movement Emporium 3309 Bunker Hill Rd Mt. Rainier, MD 20912
County: Prince George's
School District: Prince George's County Public School
Phone Number: 202-573-8274
President: Latasha Better

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Culture Smartz
Culture Smartz
Culture Smartz
Culture Smartz

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Additional Information

Ages/Grades: 3-13 years old
Arts Programs:

 We teach drama, visual arts, music, dance and culinary arts to help children have a better understanding of their world.

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:


School Championships:


School Clubs:


Notable Graduates:


Parking Spaces/Availability:




Admissions Deadline: Anytime
Mission Statement:

 Our mission is to educate children through the arts and inspire them to become more aware and accepting of cultures from around the world.


Philosophy/Belief Statement:


Statement of Values:

At Culture Smartz, Incorporated, we value:

Each child’s education and consistent success in school
The power of the arts to enhance learning and improve grades
Diversity appreciation and knowledge of different cultural traditions
Fun learning experiences that inspire children to imagine a bright future