The Academy of Tucson School System

Basic Information

Address: 10720 E. 22nd St.85748(high School) 9209 E. Wrightstown Rd.85715 (Elementary School) 7310 E. 22nd. 85710 (Middle School)
County: Pima
District: Charter
Phone Number: 520-733-0096; 520-886-6076; 520-749-1413
Fax Number: 520-733-0097; 520-886-6575; 520-7409-2824
Principal: Jose Garcia; David Allardice; Larry Speta

Action Shots

The Academy of Tucson School System
The Academy of Tucson School System
The Academy of Tucson School System
The Academy of Tucson School System

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Additional Information

School Type: College preparatory
Accreditation: North Central Association (3 schools) AIA (high school)
District ID: 108665
School ID: 100; 101;102
State District ID:
Grade Level: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Founded: 1886
School Setting:

Small school populations, in safe settings conducive to learning.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): Vary with grade level; see website
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Holidays: Labor Day; Winter Holidays; MLK Day, Veteran's Day, Rodeo
School Colors: HS: teal, black; ES: baby blue/white/black; MS: red, black
School Mascot: Lynx; Bear Cub; Cougar
School Size: HS: 200; MS: 300; ES: 300
Classroom Size: 25 maximum
Classroom Teachers: 12l 17; 15
Student/Teacher Ratio: 15:1
Support Services:

Inclusionary Special Education services K-12l Speech Therapy

After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Staff: PCs; students: Chrome Laptops

School Championships:

Still working on this!

School Clubs:

National Honor Society, Jr. Civitan, Student Government, Thinkers Club, Bible Study,

Lunch Availability: vendors cater
Parking Spaces/Availability:

Plenty for all at all three locations

Uniform Guidelines:

Posted on website: polos/slacks, shorts (knee length), skirts (at knee), no cleavage, piercings (exception: female ear piercings), tattos, shoes, no flip flops, no denim.

Mission Statement:

It is the purpose of The Academy of Tucson:
To provide a quality education for students characterized by a sound college preparatory curriculum; a faculty of educated, respected, encouraging and caring teachers; a safe and supportive environment for learning; a communicative and accounntable administration.
To prepare students for citizenship in a knowledge-based, global economy; a democratic and multicultural country; a free and open society.
To graduate students who show respect for themselves; practice positive leadership; value educational preparation and lifelong learning; become responsible, contributing citizens.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Inherent within the mission statement and goals of The Academy of Tucson is the belief that all students can learn and that school can make a difference in the life of each student. At The Academy, we encourage being Courteous to each other, taking Pride in our work and our appearance and showing Respect for our school environment.

Enrollment Characteristics: Non-discriminatory; all ages K-12; prerequisite: the desire to learn and dedication to be a student in good standing willing to follow school rules and academic expectations.
Notable Graduates:

attorney; educators; nurses; social workers; medical technicians; researchers; biologist; medical doctor

Programs and Services:

High School career and college advisor