Baldwin Heights Elementary School

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Basic Information

Address: 821 West Oak Street Greenville, MI 48838
County: Montcalm
District: Greenville Public Schools
Phone Number: 616-754-3643
Fax Number: 616-754-0272
Principal: Michael Walsh

Action Shots

Baldwin Heights Elementary School
Baldwin Heights Elementary School

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Additional Information

School Type: Public
Accreditation: NCA & AdvancEd State Accredited
District ID: 2617160
School ID: 261716005392
State District ID: 59070
State School ID: 00179
Grade Level: K-5
Founded: 1949
School Setting:

Baldwin Heights is one of six schools in our district, and together we all make Greenville Public Schools a prominent educational institution.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8:50am - 3:40pm
School Colors: Purple and Gold
School Mascot: Yellow Jacket
School Size: 520
Classroom Size: 25
Classroom Teachers: 27
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:20
Support Services:

Montcalm Area Intermediate School District

Computer Capabilities:

We currently have several wireless devices ranging from tablets to laptops to desktop computers. Our school is on the cutting edge of technology and is in a process to continually give our students more and more access to online tools to collaborate with teachers and each other.

School Clubs:

Running Club
After-School Math Club
Art Club
Odyssey of the Mind

Parking Spaces/Availability:

Plenty. :)

Mission Statement:

The Baldwin Heights family will educate all members of our school community in a nurturing, positive environment. Together, we will work to maximize each student's potential by accepting individual differences. We will strive to become safe, responsible, respectful, and good learners.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

As a cooperating partner of the community, Greenville Public Schools will assure all students the education necessary to participate as responsible citizens in an ever-changing world.

School History:

Baldwin Heights Elementary School consists of grades K-5 with a student population of almost 520 students. Many devoted and caring staff members make student learning their number one priority which helps us create a caring, safe and fun learning environment for students to be involved in.

We are very proud of our exceptional staff, school, and students. We are fortunate to have exemplary, updated facilities and our building technology is state-of-the-art. New computers in our lab and classrooms, wireless technology throughout the building, along with projectors and telephones in every room keep students and staff on the cutting edge. These tools paired with an extensive digital video network give teachers the tools required to educate our students in the 21st Century classroom. Baldwin Heights is a great place to learn because of the efforts that transpire on a daily basis.