Basic Information

Address: 10180 State Hwy 129 Brilliant, AL 35548
County: Marion County
District: Marion County Schools
Phone Number: 205-465-2323
Fax Number: 205-465-2473
Principal: Gracie G. Franks, Ed.S.

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Public
Accreditation: SACS/CASI/NSSE through Advanced ED
District ID: 047
School ID: 0010
State District ID: AL
State School ID: 0010
Grade Level: K-5
Founded: 1921
School Setting:

Rural School

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 7:30 AM - 3:15 PM
School Days in Calendar Year: 185 180 Students/185 Certified Employees
School Holidays: Regular Holidays
School Colors: Royal Blue and White
School Mascot: Tiger


School Size: 200
Classroom Size: 18-20
Classroom Teachers: 10
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:20
Support Services:

Speech; Special Education; Title I School; Gifted/Enrichment; ELL; OT/PT Services; Parent/Community Volunteer Program; PTO; Library; Computer Labs

After School Programs: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

4 Computer Labs (General Lab; ARI Lab-Library; Special Ed. Lab; Title I Lab) Each classroom has from 3 to 4 computers for student work)

School Championships:

First Elementary School in Marion County to be Accredited by SACS

School Clubs:

4-H Club

Lunch Availability: Free/Reduced/Paid Programs
Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:


Enrollment Characteristics: Mostly bused in rural students. About one eighth of our students arrive by car.
School History:

Brilliant was originally name for the type of coal mined in this area. It is said to have a "brilliant" flame. The name of the predominent coal company was Brilliant Coal. Brilliant/Boston was a minining camp in the early twentieth century. They voted the town to be name Brilliant at one point in our history. The first school was built by the mining company to educate the children of the miners in the camp. Brilliant was once a large town and was the first choice for the town court house, which is located in Hamilton, Alabama at the present time. Brilliant is a small school with an excellent settled climate where teachers can teach and students can learn.

Notable Graduates:

Many, many educators, nurses, doctors. Many alumni who are published writers, in local news, many alumni in other areas of the medical fields, self-employed people. Some are but not inclusive: Dr. James White; Dr. Joseph Walker; Dr. Beth Gibbs; Dr. Celeste East; Dr. Jerrod Walker; Mr. Richard Gibbs; Mr. James Thomas Gibbs; Mr. Glendon Gibbs; Mrs. Wilette Caudle; Dr. Joey Eddy; Mr. Harold Tidwell; Mr. Donald Kimbrell; Dr. Modene White; Mrs. Rachel Gibbs Rinehart; Dr. David Sexton; Mr. H.B. Nelson; Mr. A.J. Wood; Mr. Jerome Dodd; Mr. Thomas Cotton; Mrs. Gracie Franks; Mrs. Betty Fergusen; Mr. Thomas Millican; Mr. Perry Franks; Mrs. Leslie Smith; (Song writers/singers) - Mr. Wendell Franks; Mr. Dustin Franks; Mr. Carmel Taylor; Mr. Earl Bass; Mr. Rayburn Huguley; Mr. David Huguley; Many members of the County Sports Hall of Fame including - Mr. Ed Franks; Mr. Max Gibbs; Mr. Lewis R. Vintson; Mrs. Ginger Tittle; Ms. Sabrinia Burleson; Mr. & Mrs. Dell Burleson, Jr.; Mrs. Wiletta Bull; Sports Scholarship recipients - Mr. Joe Gibbs; Mr. Ethan Corkren; Mr. Stefan Young; Mr. Ed Franks; Mr. Tommy Franks; Mrs. Ginger Eatman; Mrs. Cris Nelson; Mr. Dell Burleson; and others.

Programs and Services:

We have field trips for each grade inluding a week long annual Washington, D.C. Trip for our 6th graders and their parents. We participate in Breast Cancer Awareness; Relay for Life; Colon Cancer Relay; Saint Judes fund raiser-Math a Thon. Dr. Seuss' Birthday; one hundreth day of school; PTO; Alumni activities; Coal Fest.