City Knoll Middle School

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Basic Information

Address: 525 West 44th Street
County: New York
District: District 2
Phone Number: 212-315-7191
Fax Number: 212-315-7192
Principal: Victoria Armas

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Middle School
District ID: 02
School ID: M933
Grade Level: 6-8
Founded: 2014
After School Programs: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Mission Statement:

Our school prepares students to realize their dreams through dedication to academic excellence, collaboration and creativity. We aim to empower our school community with the knowledge that the process of arranging words and images on a page, or utilizing media and technologies to communicate a message can move ideas and information to the hearts and minds of others and potentially produce a call to action. We will develop and support creative, inquisitive, articulate, well-informed individuals who upon graduation are capable of successfully shaping their own futures.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our school believes that young people have the ability to become whatever they want and dream to be with the right education, guidance and support. We also believe students learn best when they are provided with real world opportunities to learn by engaging in inquiry, research and reflection through the arts and projects that are relevant to their lives. Our program is based on developing strong presentation and public speaking skills through rigorous opportunities to collaborate, interact and create. Students like our school because we connect learning to their interests through the use of technology, field work, and opportunities to present knowledge to audiences in regular celebrations of achievement.

Students are well prepared to take their next steps to high school, whether is means applying to a Specialized High School, or another of NYC's high quality high schools. Students benefit from our personalized approach that support academics as well as teh social emotional aspects of student life through the “Exchange” structure that meets daily and includes 3 components. Mentoring and advisement are provided through Exchange Team (meets 2 times per week); academic intervention and enrichment are provided during Exchange Support (meets 3 times per week); and time for self-directed independent study and research on topics of students’ individual choice is offered during Exchange Ideas (meets 1 time per week), the findings of which are presented during school-wide celebrations. Our school is a place that values student voice, where students are regarded as innovative, intelligent, involved members of their school community, as well as the community at large.

Our parents appreciate the open communication by the school regarding student achievement, as well as the socio-emotional and academic needs of each and every child. Parents feel our strong partnerships with community based organizations including the Museum of Modern Art, the Paley Center for Media, The Educational Video Center, NYC Outward Bound, and the YMCA provide special opportunities for students to engage in unique learning experiences. Our families are an integral part of the fabric and success of our school community and are involved in events and celebrations, as well as learning activities and projects as they support and share their expertise and talents with our students. Our programs prepare students to be successful in high school, with a focus on college and career readiness, and life. We are committed to the creation of a culture where students, parents and staff from different ethnic, cultural, linguistic and economic backgrounds can work together to achieve a truly integrated, nurturing, and academically rigorous school community.