Coronado Pathways Charter School

Basic Information

Address: 555 D Avenue Coronado, CA
County: San Diego
District: Coronado Unified School District
Phone Number: (619)522-6044
Fax Number: (619)437-6047
Principal: Kevin Nicolls

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Hybrid Independent Studies High School
Accreditation: WASC
District ID: 68031
School ID: 0126110
State District ID: 68031
State School ID: 37-68031-0126110
Grade Level: 9-12
Founded: July 1st, 2013
School Setting:

One Room Schoolhouse / Computer Lab

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 12:30pm-6:30pm, Monday through Thursday
School Days in Calendar Year: 175
School Holidays: Traditional
School Colors: Orange and Green
School Size: 60 and growing...
Classroom Size: 38
Student/Teacher Ratio: 25/1
Support Services:

School, College, and Career Counseling

Summer School: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Full Connectivity, One-to-One Desktops and WiFi (BYOD)

Lunch Availability: None
Parking Spaces/Availability:

Street Parking, Limited Parking Lot

Uniform Guidelines:


Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Coronado Pathways Charter School to promote social, emotional, academic, and career skill development for all learners. We provide a broad spectrum of online course options, hands-on learning experiences, character education, and service learning projects to ensure each student is equipped to achieve success. We promote personal well-being, creativity, citizenship, lifelong learning, and employability.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Recognizing students as the primary stakeholders in their own success, Coronado Pathways Charter School balances what is required, with what is desired. Each student, and family, collaborates with our staff to develop personalized educational plans and navigate their own learning pathways. Courses are offered in a hybrid format, combining virtual and face-to-face components. In addition to completing core academic requirements for high school graduation and college/university preparation, each student will explore a potential career path, which may include technical courses, visual and performing arts conservatory studies, apprenticeships, internships, and service learning projects.