Country Gardens Charter School

Basic Information

Address: 6313 W Southern Ave Laveen, AZ 85339
County: Maricopa
District: Country Gardens
Phone Number: 602-237-3741
Fax Number: 602-237-3892
Principal: Catherine Gerber

Action Shots

Country Gardens Charter School
Country Gardens Charter School
Country Gardens Charter School
Country Gardens Charter School

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Additional Information

School Type: Life Science Based K-12 Charter
School ID: 07851301
State District ID: 07851300
State School ID: 07851300
Grade Level: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Founded: 2000
School Setting:

Our school is in a semi-rural setting on 20 acres. Our buildings include a Zoo Lab with over 300 species of animals and a large barn with domestic farm animals. Our curriculum programs inherently empower students to be successful and gain leaderships skills. Our student-run businesses include a gift shop, breakfast carts and our lunchtime food services: Pirate Pizza & Subs and Hollywood's Hot Foods. Students enjoy Zoo Lab, Barnyard, Horsemanship, Art, Music, Steel Pan Band, and PE. Our school is famous for its nationwide expeditions traversing the US and Central America. These expeditions range from 2-6 weeks in length. Students study in the rainforests of Costa Rica as well as the coral reefs of Panama and Belize. Our Peer Mediation Program fosters a family atmosphere, with learning centers in the classrooms creating student interaction, creativity and individualized education. All classrooms have computers which are integrated into all the courses.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8-3:30 M,T,Th,F 8-1 Wed.
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Holidays: 2 weeks:Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break , reg. holidays
School Colors: blue and green
School Mascot: hawk


School Size: 390
Classroom Size: 10-30
Classroom Teachers: 26
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1/15
Support Services:

Three classroom teacher aides, Special Education Teacher, Speech Pathologist, Hearing Specialist, After School-Free Tutoring

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: No
PTA Organization: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Internet, computers in every classroom

School Championships:

Steel Pan Band

School Clubs:

Chess, Dance Team

Lunch Availability: Student Run Businesses offer full range of menu daily.
Parking Spaces/Availability:

400 plus

Uniform Guidelines:

Uniform T shirts, solid color pants and shoes.

Mission Statement:

To nurture students academically, socially and emotionally to become productive citizens.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Students learn best through experiential hands-on learning with rigorous high expectations.

School History:

Our school was started in the year 2000. It has consistently scored higher than the schools in the surrounding areas.

Programs and Services:

EELS Program(Experiential Learning on Land n' Sea): Curriculum based expeditions which tour all 48 states on the US mainland and Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize. Students tour on charter buses outfitted with bunks and tents. Most trips are 3 weeks long with the Rainforest expedition in Costa Rica spanning 6 weeks. Student Run Businesses in grades 5-12 function every day and utilize real money with learning centers in the classrooms to extend the learning into Math and Social Studies. All students K-12 are scheduled for weekly instruction in the Zoo Lab, Barnyard, Art, Music/Steel Pan Band and Horsemanship. Our core curriculum is taught through small group teacher oriented lessons and learning centers for all subjects based on the AZ state Standards.