Creative Academy

Basic Information

Address: 5831 Westbourne Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. 43213
County: Franklin
District: Columbus
Phone Number: 614-8642424
Fax Number: 614-8643346
Principal: Peggy Bonneau

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Kindergarten only
Accreditation: NAEYC
School ID: 119230
School Setting:

Private Academy..Kindergarten in building with Pre-school, Kindergarten and before and after care for 1-5th grade

School Schedule (Hours in Day): from Labor day thru the first week of June..M-F..6-6Pm
School Days in Calendar Year: M-F 184 days
School Holidays: Major holidays only
Classroom Size: no more than 15
Classroom Teachers: 1 teacher
Camp Programs: Yes
Lunch Availability: lunch inclluded