Francois Maconce Elementary School

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Basic Information

Address: 6300 Church Road, Ira, MI
County: St. Clair
District: Anchor Bay School District
Phone Number: (586) 725-0284
Fax Number: (586) 725-2037
Principal: Sherri Milton-Hoffman

Action Shots

Francois Maconce Elementary School
Francois Maconce Elementary School

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Additional Information

School Type: Public School, Kindergarten - 5th Grade
Accreditation: Advanc-Ed- District Accreditation
Grade Level: K-5
School Setting:

Rural setting, approximately 1 mile from Lake St. Clair, and approximately 3 miles from downtown New Baltimore

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8:36 AM - 3:32 PM
School Colors: Red, White and Black
School Mascot: Bear

Anchor Bay Community

School Size: approximately 300 students
Classroom Size: 25-30 students per class on average
Classroom Teachers: 12 classroom teachers
Student/Teacher Ratio: 25:1
Support Services:

2 Resource Room/Special Education Teachers, Speech/Language Pathologist, 3 Literacy/Math Tutors, 3 Literacy Para-professionals,

After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Lunch Availability: Full Working Kitchen, 2-3 menu selections per day
Parking Spaces/Availability:

Visitor Parking in front of school, Staff Parking in back of school, 3 Handicapped Spaces in front parking lot

Uniform Guidelines:


Mission Statement:

Maconce Elementary School, in partnership with the community, will provide a learning environment by
delivering quality instruction that promotes positive character and student success.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Beliefs Statement
Every Person--
- Can become a life-long learner
- Can become a responsible citizen
- Can actively participate in the learning process
- Can respect the global environment
- Can respect diversity
The Community--
- Supports education
- Provides resources for students
- Encourages students to stay in school and succeed
- Supports school goals and activities
- Prepare children for school
- See that children attend school regularly
- Support school goals and participate in school activities
- Support school appropriate character development and behavior
- Provide support and resources for students to complete assignments
- Establish appropriate priorities for learning
- Provide relevant experiences that enhance and encourage learning
- Encourage students to do quality work
- Accommodate learning styles, abilities and intelligences
- Encourage parent communication/partnerships
- Utilize instructional best practices to meet state curriculum standards
All School Personnel--
- Model responsible leadership
- Provide a positive and safe environment
- Provide resources and technologies to enhance learning
- Encourage instructional best practices
- Encourage cooperation, innovation and creativity
- Are highly qualified
- Engage in continued professional development
- Set a standard for excellence
- Promote parent involvement
- Demonstrate positive attitude and behavior
- Seek help and clarification when needed
- Set high goals for learning
- Understand the importance of learning