Frankfort Middle School

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Basic Information

Address: 329 North Maish Road
County: Clinton
District: Community Schools of Frankfort
Phone Number: 765-659-3321
Fax Number: 765-659-6260
Principal: Kenneth M. McLaughlin

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Additional Information

School Type: middle school
Accreditation: InSAI and PL 221
District ID: 1170
School ID: 0999
State District ID: 1170
State School ID: 0999
Grade Level: 6-8
Founded: January 18, 1988
School Setting:

Frankfort Middle School is located in the community of Frankfort, Indiana, population approximately 15,000. The city rests geographically between the larger cities of Lafayette and Indianapolis. The employment picture in Frankfort shows a variety of occupations. There are a number or people employed by local manufacturing and service industries. Agri-business is also an important part of the local economy.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8 Period Day (7 Hours and 10 Minutes)
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Holidays: Fall Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break
School Colors: Blue and White
School Mascot: Hotdog
Cluster: Two Academic Teams at each of the three grade levels

Frankfort, Indiana

School Size: 700
Classroom Size: Average Class Size - 25
Classroom Teachers: 48
Student/Teacher Ratio: 14.6 to 1
Support Services:

2 counselors, 1 school nurse, 1 media specialist, 1 administrative assistant who acts as the athletic director and attendance officer, 1 assistant principal, and 1 principal

Camp Programs: No
After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Wireless internet accessibility in every classroom. Three 30 unit mobile computer labs. Three 30 unit stationary computer labs. One 10 unit stationary lab. 12 computers in the media center. One computer in every classroom.

School Championships:

The Interdisciplinary Academic Bowl Team placed 5th in the state in 2010.

School Clubs:

Student Council, Drama Club, Art Club, Pep Band, Spell Bowl, Academic Super Bowl, Peace Club, Yearbook, Hand Chimes, Promoting Wellness, Hot Dog TV, and Entrepreneurship.

Lunch Availability: Students have 30 minute lunch periods by grade level
Parking Spaces/Availability:


Mission Statement:

Frankfort Middle School is committed to creating a positive school environment, which fosters critical thinking skills, stimulates personal growth, and encourages students to become lifelong learners.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Vision Statement
We believe all students deserve:
to be surrounded by adults who give their best in support of students' development as productive citizens. All students deserve positive role models, fair treatment, adult advocates from school and community, and informed parents, all of whom provide children with respect, love, discipline, individual attention, and high expectations.
All students deserve a school that provides a safe, healthy, disciplined and structured learning environment which promotes the development of mind, body, and character. All students deserve a rigorous curriculum with quality instruction by highly qualified teachers. All students deserve efficient and effective cutting-edge technology. All students deserve the opportunity to be challenged by a rigorous curriculum that exposes them to a broad variety of instruction across all areas of the curriculum, provides real-world experiences and cultural opportunities, and prepares them for their future. All students deserve to graduate from high school, pursue education beyond high school, and eventually contribute to the community work force.
All students deserve a classroom environment that is free from distractions, allows them to take risks without ridicule, holds them accountable for their actions, treats them as unique individuals, inspires them to see learning as an opportunity for fun and creativity, appeals to different learning styles, that establishes high standards for achievement, provides positive feedback and frequent assessment of progress, and provides alternative opportunities for education of those students who need extra support in any/all areas of development. All students deserve to see, experience and develop the character traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. All students deserve an equal shot at the opportunity to dream and achieve.
All adults in our community are living by these core convictions daily and as a result, show the following attitudes and actions:
they exhibit the character traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship in all their interactions with others. They display acceptance and tolerance of diversity, altruistic and ethical behaviors, and a positive attitude that never resorts to whining, complaining or gossiping. All adults respect the confidentiality of our students and their families. Because of their persevering, forgiving, encouraging commitment to students, adults never give up on helping a student reach their potential. Teachers are passionate about the subjects which they teach, and impart that passion to their students through creative, innovative student-centered learning activities. They hold students accountable for their learning, and recognize positive student behaviors. Teachers, parents and community members are involved in both school and community life by generously sharing their time, effort and resources. They communicate with each other and support each other to ensure that all students have their basic needs met. They take the time needed to truly understand each students' strengths, weaknesses, hopes and plans. They place a high priority on education, working together to ensure that all students are actively present every day in body, mind and spirit for both curricular and extra-curricular activities. All adults believe in and model life-long learning.
In this environment where all adults are living by their core convictions, all students:
will demonstrate the character traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.
Trustworthy students are honest, loyal to family, friends and community, reliable, and have the courage to do the right thing.
Respectful students are tolerant of all, have open lines of communication with adults and peers, follow the Golden Rule, and have a positive self-identity and attitude towards others. They are sensitive and empathetic towards the feelings of others, and deal peaceably with conflict.
Responsible students are structured and organized, complete their assignments and meet all deadlines. They work hard, follow directions, and demonstrate perseverance. They are highly engaged in their learning, do their best, and have a sense of fulfillment in their accomplishments.
Students show fairness by playing by the rules, taking turns and sharing, and by listening with an open mind. They don't blame carelessly, they don't bully or intimidate others, and they don't take advantage of people's mistakes or weaknesses.
Caring students are attentive to others, kind, and compassionate. They express gratitude, learn to "pay it forward", and thrive in an atmosphere of acceptance.
Students show good citizenship by taking the initiative to improve the community, follow instructions, work hard, and respect authority. They participate in and celebrate the results of participation in school and community projects and activities.
All students are prepared and eager to learn, and enjoy being present. They are unencumbered by personal/family baggage. They demonstrate pride in high achievement through a high level of engagement because they love to learn and have a sense of fulfillment and efficacy.

Enrollment Characteristics: Demographics of the students enrolled in 2009-2010: 64% White, 31% Hispanic, 3% Multiracial, 1% Asian, 1% Black Students on the free or reduced lunch program in 2009-2010: 55% Free, 11% Reduced, 34% Paid Students entering after the first week of the 2009-2010 school year: 42 students Students withdrawing after the first week of the 2009-2010 school year: 67 students
School History:

Construction began at Frankfort Middle School in May 1986, and students moved into the building on January 18, 1988. Frankfort Middle School has been the only middle school in the school district over the past 22 years. Students have been scheduled on academic teams for math science, social studies, reading, and English. They also take health, physical education, and exploratory classes (art, family and consumer science, creative writing, and industrial technology). Approximately 75% of the students are also enrolled in band, choir, or orchestra classes that meet during the school day. The overall school population has remained stable over the years with a steady increase of minority enrollment. Frankfort Middle School historically has had high attendance rates. Since 1993 the average rate has been between 95% and 97%.