The Guidance Charter School

Basic Information

Address: 1125-B East Palmdale Blvd. Palmdale, CA 93550. K-6 Campus .661-272-1701 37230 37Th Street East. Palmdale, CA 93550. 7-12 Campus.661-285-1601
County: Los Angeles
District: Palmdale School District
Phone Number: 661-285-1600
Fax Number: 661-285-1602
Principal: Kamal M.Al-Khatib, Founder/Executive Director

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Public Charter School
Accreditation: WASC, Palmdale School District, LACOE, CDE
District ID: 19
School ID: 0427
State District ID: 64857
State School ID: 19-5487-0427
Grade Level: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Founded: 11/1/2001
School Setting:

K-12 Charter Public School, Free tuition, Small Class Sizes, Arabic Language, Information Technology focus.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 6.75 Hours in K-8 and 7.00 Hours in 7-12Th grades
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Holidays: Normal Holiday
School Colors: Green and white
School Mascot: Gators


School Size: 800
Classroom Size: Average 23 per class
Classroom Teachers: All Certificated teachers and highly qualified
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1-23
Support Services:

Palmdale School district provide the following support services: Lease of 7-12 campus, Special educations services, Child Nutrition, reprographic, transportation , health and other.

Camp Programs: No
After School Programs: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

The school has focus on Information technology, all students in K-12 will have a Tablet in 2014-2015 school year, also the K-6 campus has computer lab with 25 computers. 7-12 Campus has 3 computer labs with 30 computers each.

School Championships:

C.I.F Sports

School Clubs:

ASB, JSA and more

Lunch Availability: Free Breakfast and lunch for eligible students.
Parking Spaces/Availability:

Adequate and plenty

Uniform Guidelines:

We are a Uniform School , all students must wear an Apollo long or short sleeve Monday -Thursday with free dress day on Fridays, the Shirt has to be Dark green or white with school name and logo on the left . Pants, skirts must be Khaki with green shirt or black with white shirt and must adhere to the school dress code conservative policy.

Mission Statement:

The Guidance Charter School will empower every student withessential skills and knowledge, inspire lifelong learning, and develop responsible citizens in a K-12 school both classrooms based and independent study options. This will be attained by equipping the students with three kinds of literacy necessary in 21st century: ability to read, write, speak and calculate with clarity and precision: the ability to master the use of information technology tools in acquiring knowledge through worldwide data mines: and the ability to participate passionately and responsible in the life of the community.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

At Guidance Charter School we seek to establish a firm foundation in the core curriculum of reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science and to comply with all provisions of NCLB.
We believe our role is to encourage students to use their problem-solving and critical thinking skills whenever the opportunity arises.
GCS foster a learning community in which students experience respect for integrity of their sustained efforts as well as their immediate successes.

Enrollment Characteristics: Open to public, free tuition, small class sizes
School History:

The Guidance charter School opened its doors to students in November 1, 2001 for K-8 grades. In August 12, 2013 expanded its program to K-12 and opened an new campus at 37230 37th Street East. Palmdale which was an old unused school.

Notes/School Information:

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