HighTech LA

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Basic Information

Address: 17111 Victory Blvd
County: Los Angeles
District: Charter High School
Phone Number: 818-609-2640
Fax Number: 818-881-1754
Principal: Marsha Rybin

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: High School
Grade Level: 9-12
School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8:45 - 3:50
School Size: 375
Classroom Size: 25
After School Programs: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Mission Statement:

HighTech Los Angeles Charter School is a diverse community of active learners dedicated to fusing the traditional academic subjects with real-world, technical applications and problem solving skills. Students are productive, self-directed learners, engaged in rigorous, relevant work. HTLA prepares students to be motivated, influential leaders committed to the challenge of connecting our community to the larger society.

HighTech Los Angeles is an institution of learning:

• Housed in a state-of-the-art educational facility to create a stimulating educational environment

• Enriched by the utilization of technology to develop vital career skills required of professionals in tomorrow’s workforce

• Centered on project-based learning that emphasizes real-world, hands-on educational experiences

• Committed to community service and awareness through student internships with local business and industry

• Personalized to meet the holistic needs and to maximize the unique talents of the individual student

• Dedicated to the development of students with individual integrity and a strong sense of ethics

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results
Team Work: HTLA students will collaborate in teams on projects in addition to being able to work independently. The results of their collaboration and individual work will be considered in evaluating student leaning.

Technology: HTLA students will use technology as a tool to conduct research, organize and manage projects, perform complex mathematical calculations and enhance all work.

Communication: All HTLA students will develop excellent written and oral communication skills which are essential for success in college and in the workplace.

Community Ethics: HTLA students will be active and positive members of their families and communities. They will demonstrate tolerance, respect and honesty to all community members.