Hill Field Elementary

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Basic Information

Address: 389 S. 1000 E. Clearfield, UT
County: Davis
District: Davis
Phone Number: 801-402-2350
Fax Number: 801-402-2351
Principal: Bryan Skelton

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: K-6
Accreditation: AdvancED
State District ID: Utah
State School ID: Utah
Grade Level: K-5
Founded: 1963
School Setting:

We are 96% military students servicing Hill Air Force Base

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8:45-3:25
School Days in Calendar Year: 178
School Colors: Red, White, Blue
School Mascot: Patriot
School Size: 500
Classroom Size: 26
Classroom Teachers: 24
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1/26
Support Services:

Sp Ed 504 ESL STEM

Camp Programs: No
After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Wireless and one to one

Lunch Availability: Yes
Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:


Mission Statement:

Learning First!