Horseshoe Trails Elementary School

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Basic Information

Address: 5405 E Pinnacle Vista Dr Phoenix, AZ 85085
County: Maricopa
District: Cave Creek Unified School District #93
Phone Number: 480.272.8500
Fax Number: 480.907.6643
Principal: Janiene Marlow

Action Shots

Horseshoe Trails Elementary School
Horseshoe Trails Elementary School

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Additional Information

School Type: PreK-6th Grade Public Elementary School
Accreditation: A+ School of Excellence
District ID: #93
Founded: 2004
School Setting:

Desert and mountain landscape in northern Phoenix

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 9:00-3:30
School Days in Calendar Year: August - May
School Colors: Black and Gold
School Mascot: Stallion
School Size: 700 students
Classroom Size: 28
Classroom Teachers: 30
Support Services:

Title I
Resource-Special Education
Physical, Vision Impaired and Occupational Therapy
Adaptive PE

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Computer Lab with 36 computers
Over 200 iPads in use across school
Additional laptops and netbooks

School Clubs:

Band, Choir, Photography Club, Math Olympiad, Cross Country, Running Club, Girls on the Run, Battle of the Books, Millionaire Club, After school Equestrian, National Elementary Honor Society, Student Leadership Council

Lunch Availability: yes with free and reduced lunch
Parking Spaces/Availability:

Solar parking lot

Mission Statement:

Horseshoe Trails Elementary School strives to create a thinking and learning community in which individuals think, work and expect the best from themselves and others as global citizens.

Notes/School Information:
CCUSD Teacher of the Year 2014, Natalie May
Distinguished Principal of the Year 2013
A+ School of Excellence 2012
Three A+ Exemplary Programs
A+ Programs 2008, 2009, 2013
2 Qwest Technology Grants
Editor's Choice Award for PTO Parent Group of
the Year in
PTO Today Magazine
National Schools of Character Promising
Practices Award
TRRFCC Horsemanship
Confucius Classroom Grant Recipient
partnered with Arizona State University
Arizona State University iTeach School
Recognition by Arizona Association of Gifted &
Talented, Teacher & Administrator
Research partner with Purdue University and
Dr. Marcia Gentry - Gifted
Silver Apple Teacher Award
AZ Sports and Tourism Authority Biennial Grant
Whole Foods Garden Grant
STEM AZ Center for Science Teacher Institute
Rudy Becwar Best In Science Fair Recipient