JV Washam Elementary

Basic Information

Address: 9611 Westmoreland Road Cornelius, NC 28031
County: Mecklenburg
District: Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
Phone Number: 980-343-1071
Fax Number: 980-343-1072
Principal: Raymond Giovanelli

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Public School
Grade Level: K-5
Founded: 2006
School Setting:

JV Washam is a neighborhhod school to students living in Cornelius and Huntersville, North Carolina.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 7:00-1:45
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Colors: Light Blue and White
School Mascot: Hershey the Hawk

Cornelius and Huntersville

School Size: 970 Students
Classroom Size: 30 student capacity
Classroom Teachers: 40
Student/Teacher Ratio: K-3rd: 21/1 4th-5th 27/1
Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: No
PTA Organization: Yes
School Clubs:

Art, Science, Chess, Drama, Girls on the Run, Right Moves for Boys, Computer, Choir, Math

Mission Statement:

We exist to enrich every student’s individual
strengths by providing a challenging and
nurturing environment where we instill a passion
for learning, the freedom to create and discover;
along with the skills and emotional character to
• critical and diverse thinkers
• active problem-solvers
• life-long learners
• leaders and contributors to society
• caring and compassionate individuals
• advocates for the community and
• seekers of justice

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We are committed to the goal of teaching
every student, and
will work with
you in supporting
a caring,
structured, and
safe school
environment. Our focus is on differentiating
our classroom instruction to meet the many
needs of our children and challenge them at
the level they are on, as well as, “raise the bar”
to continue their growth each day. We
promise to challenge each student with high
expectations daily so they will meet their
fullest potential.
Our teachers
and staff
the year to
foster intrinsic motivation in our children so
that they learn to take full responsibility for
their education and make them active and
excited learners in a character filled
The Washam
strongly believes
that social,
emotional and
physical growth are just as important as
cognitive success in developing well-rounded
Our school can
only be truly
successful with
support. We
hope that each
family chose our school through research and
discussion in regards to our philosophy and
expectations. As part of our expectations we
want all parents to take an active role in our
school. With this support your children will
see the importance that you place on
education and will be engaged to do their best.
It will take teamwork from all families if we
are truly going to make our school the “Jewel
of the North”.
We are excited to work with each of the
families of J.V. Washam Elementary School
and know that we can work in harmony to
provide a high quality educational experience for each child.

School History:

th grade) and to provide top notch

facilities for students and parents. The PTO

and School Leadership Team are well

established and provide tremendous support

to the school. Both organizations play vital

roles in providing our students a rigorous and

challenging environment that promotes high


J.V. Washam opened on August 25, 2006 as

the neighborhood school to students living in

Cornelius and Huntersville. The school was

named for John Vance Washam Sr. who

farmed the land where the school was built.

J.V. Washam Elementary is supported by

involved parents and a supportive community.

Both the Cornelius Police Department and

Parks & Recreation work closely with our

school to provide tutoring for students,


Programs and Services:

A Character Education program that builds
personal confidence and responsibility that
impacts the overall school and community
• Integration of core subjects (science, math,
social studies, writing) through our literacy
program on a daily basis to help students see the
"connections" in their education
• Differentiated curriculum combined with
instructional grouping and support for all
children. Classroom teachers, literacy support
staff, teacher assistants, exceptional children
teachers, and our talent development teacher,
work with classroom teachers to ensure that our
children receive support if they are struggling
and extension if they are performing above grade
level. This support is given both in and out of
the normal classroom environment. Our school
psychologist (SSS) also provides support for
those in need of other educational and emotional
• A full computer lab with a certified Technology
Instructor (K-5), mobile laptop cart, einstruction
clickers, and the implementation of
• After-school clubs including Chorus,
Computer, Jump Rope, Math Olympiad, Art, and
Girls on the Run
• Accelerated Reader used to build student
excitement and to reinforce comprehension skills
• High quality special area classes including art,
music, physical education, computer technology
and media led by a strong veteran core of
• A strong Parent Teacher Organization and
School Leadership Team that take an active
roll in the overall school climate and culture to
help support a nurturing, challenging school