Michael R. White School

Basic Information

Address: 1000 east 92nd Street
County: United States
District: Cleveland Metropolitan School
Phone Number: 216-451-7013
Fax Number: 216-451-4590
Principal: Dessie Sanders

Action Shots

Michael R. White School

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Additional Information

School Type: K-8 STEM
Grade Level: K-5, 6-8
Founded: 1933 as Miles Standish
School Setting:

Michael R. White School is located near the beautiful culture gardens in Cleveland, Ohio.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 9:00 - 4:00
School Colors: Red & White
School Mascot: Stars


School Size: 545
Classroom Teachers: We have 54 classroom teachers
Student/Teacher Ratio: 20: 1
Support Services:

BeechBrook Social Services
Speach Pathologist
full time nurse

After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: No
PTA Organization: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

and PC

School Clubs:

America SCORES Technology
Gardening Yes I Can Bible Group
Basketball Science
Reading Soccer

Lunch Availability: Daily
Uniform Guidelines:

Blue or black bottom and white or navy tops.

Mission Statement:

All Students attending Michael R. White School will be engaged in a rigorous, high quality
education. They will be engaged in lessons that will capture and inspire their interest in
STEM education.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We are the cornerstone of the community. The Staff and school community strongly believe that all of our students will be successful when we work together to meet the needs of all students.