Millard West High School

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Basic Information

Address: 5710 South 176th Avenue, Omaha NE 68135
County: Douglas
District: Millard Public Schools
Phone Number: (402) 715-6002
Fax Number: (402) 715-6060
Principal: Mr. Greg Tiemann

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Public
Accreditation: Advance Ed
Grade Level: 9-12
Founded: 1995
School Schedule (Hours in Day): 4 X 4 Block (8:00-3:15)
School Days in Calendar Year: 183
School Colors: Forrest Green and Black
School Mascot: Wildcats


School Size: 2180
Classroom Size: Average 24/teacher
Classroom Teachers: 155
Student/Teacher Ratio: Average 24/teacher
After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
School Championships:

2010 Womens Swimming State Championship
2010 Debate State Championship
2009 Mens Cross Country State Championship
2009 Womens Swimming State Championship
2009 Womens Soccer State Championship
2009 Mens Soccer State Championship
2008 Football State Championship
2008 Mens Cross Country State Championship
2007 Womens Soccer State Championship
2001 Football State Championship
2009-2010 NSAA Cup All Sports Award
2009-2010 NSAA Cup Womens All Sports Award
2008-2009 NSAA Cup All Sports Award
2007-2008 NSAA Cup All Sports Award
2007-2008 NSAA Cup Mens All Sports Award

Mission Statement:

Millard West, a continuously improving professional learning community, investing in each learner through an inclusive environment, guided by high expectations, guarantees personal and academic growth and the ability to successfully compete and positively contribute to an increasingly globalized society.

School History:

Millard West High School opened in 1995. In 2002, the school was designated as a National Blue Ribbon school of excellence.

In 2005, Millard voters approved $6.2 million was appropriated to Millard West for the building of new classrooms and band room additions. These improvements were completed in the Summer 2007.

Programs and Services:

Millard West is known for its AP Culture and typically college bound students take at least one AP course before graduating from high school. Millard West offers many Advanced Placement Program (AP) courses. Participating students may choose to take AP exams, or also participate in Millard's dual enrollment program, which gives students concurrent credit at a local university or community college. Students wishing to take AP exams have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to reduce or eliminate the cost, and some teachers may apply for grants to enable their students to take exams for free.

Millard West has distinguished itself in music and theatre, winning awards and representing many All-State performers. The Wildcat band performed in the 2010 Tournament of Roses parade, in Pasadena, California

Millard West has three award winning show choirs, including West In The Groove, Uptown Girls, and Swing Cats.