Monroe Intermediate School

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Basic Information

Address: 3366 County Road 49 Lower Peachtree. Alabama 36751
County: Monroe
District: Monroe County
Phone Number: 334.636.2032
Fax Number: 334.636.0506
Principal: Betty Madison

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Monroe Intermediate School
Monroe Intermediate School
Monroe Intermediate School
Monroe Intermediate School

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Additional Information

School Type: Intermediate (K-8)
Accreditation: AMSTI/ARI
District ID: 050
School ID: 0090
State District ID: 050
State School ID: 0090
Founded: Early 1940s
School Setting:

Located in the heart of the Packers Community only a few miles from the picturesque Alabama River, this little school rose like a phoenix from the ashes in the early 1940s and has been hub of the community every since. It is the native's pride and joy!

School Schedule (Hours in Day): Monday-Friday/7:00am-3:00pm
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Holidays: All major holidays/Visit our website for details.
School Colors: Blue and Gold
School Mascot: Bulldog

The Packers Bend Community is a close knit community that has stood by Monroe Intermediate School/Formally Monroe Jr. High School then Monroe Sr. High/currently Monroe Intermediate

School Size: Approximately 80 students
Classroom Size: Average class size/10
Classroom Teachers: 12
Student/Teacher Ratio: 7 students to each teacher
Support Services:

Extensional Studies

After School Programs: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Computers are plentiful and students have the opportunity to work with technolgy on a daily basis.

School Championships:

Monroe Intermediate School was recently reinstated into the Alabama Athlectic Association and has not won a championship yet, but we are working on it.

School Clubs:

Jr. Betta Club

Lunch Availability: Lunch is available each day from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.
Parking Spaces/Availability:

No wait parking

Uniform Guidelines:

khaki and blue

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Monroe School to educate the whole child; academically, socially, and morally.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Monroe Intermediate School believes that every child can be a successful learner. It is our business to make it happen by teaching every student according to their learning style and providing experiences that promote learning success.

Enrollment Characteristics: Students need only present proper documentation and they most likely qualify for enrollment.
School History:

The rural town of Packer's Bend, Alabama knows what is means to be located off the beaten path. Situated approximately three miles southwest of the Alabama River, this picturesque community has all but defied the pendulum of time in a good way. Though there are no more enormous cotton fields, deep wells to draw cool from water from, or river barges that deliver food supplies, this town still has dirt roads, pine trees that reach for the sky, and a love for the school that has been a part of the community since the early 1940s.

It is impossible to speak of the Packer's Bend Community without in the same breath making mention of the school that has been the heartbeat of the community for decades. Professor James F. Kidd, official founder, Mr. Brooksie Tait, Mr. Robert Matthews, Mr. Leo Bumpers, and Mr. Joe Foster were instrumental in establishing the first official school house where children learned academics along with lessons on how to be "good people." Thouigh educating the mind was important, learning to be a good person with strong moral values and an upstanding work ethic were equally important.

Professor James Kidd, the first official principal, is remembered for saying, "Always say less than you think." This kind of concern undoubtedly prompted him to spearhead the effort to establish the community's first official school. A wood framed building was located in Tuskeegee, Alabama and deemed usable for building material. With the help of dedicated men from the community, the lumber from this building was transported to the construction site in Packer's Bend, Alabama. Hard-working men who had a vision worked many long hours to construct a quaint little building that was heated by an old potbellied stove. The old coal pile in the back of the building provided fuel. The building was cherished by the community because it belonged to them; and it still does!

Notable Graduates:

All of our graduates are notible and serve as testiments that small schools work!

Programs and Services:

Monroe Intermediate school provides a place for the community to come and use its technolgy and facilities whenever there is a need. Staff is also available to assist the community at large whenever they are called upon.

Notes/School Information:

Monroe Intermediate is a small school but has many jewels that make it unique:

  • Small pupil to teacher ratio
  • A caring family-like environment
  • Opportunities for students to travel each year
  • Consistenly meets state strandards each year
  • Provides unique learning experiences on a daily basis
  • Has high expectations
  • Has school pride that will not quit