Montclair Elementary

Basic Information

Address: 2398 Moody Ave Orange Park, FL 32073
County: Clay
District: Clay
Phone Number: (904)278-2030
Fax Number: (904)278-2090
Principal: Bill Miller

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Elementary
Accreditation: Advanced ED SACS
District ID: 010
School ID: 0381
Grade Level: K-5
Founded: 1977
School Setting:

Small community based school with 550 students.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8:15 - 2:35
School Days in Calendar Year: 180
School Colors: Maroon and Garnett
School Mascot: Indians
School Size: 550
Classroom Size: K-3 18 4-6 22
Classroom Teachers: 44
After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Enhanced Classrooms

School Championships:


School Clubs:

Art, FCAT, Run/Walk, etc..

Lunch Availability: Yes
Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to provide a public education experience that is motivating, challenging and rewarding for all children. We will increase student achievement by providing students with learning opportunities that are rigorous, relevant and transcend beyond the boundaries of the school walls. We will ensure a working and learning environment built upon honesty, integrity and respect. Through these values, we will maximize student potential and promote individual responsibility

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Montclair Elementary exists to prepare life-long learners for success in a global and competitive workplace and in acquiring applicable life skills,

Enrollment Characteristics: We have 41% free and/or reduce lunch and a 65/35% white to minority ratio.