Natural Science Academy

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Basic Information

Address: 920 Holley Avenue Suite 3 St. Paul Park, MN 55071
County: Washington County
District: Charter School 4187
Phone Number: 651.925.5050
Fax Number: 651925.5051
Principal: Kirsten Kinzler, Director

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: K-5 Public Charter School
District ID: 4187
Grade Level: K-5
Founded: 2008
School Days in Calendar Year: 170
School Size: 55
Classroom Size: 20
Student/Teacher Ratio: 15:1
PTA Organization: Yes
Mission Statement:

Natural Science Academy provides innovative, inquiry-based and place-based learning opportunities for K-5 students utilizing the unique environmental assets of the area and a variety of community partnerships. With support from Minnesota’s Audubon Center of the North Woods, NSA promotes academic achievement in the areas of science, math, technology, literacy, music, and the arts and will develop students’ social responsibility through experiential education, interdisciplinary environmental studies, and inquiry-based learning projects. NSA strives to develop the capacity in all students for working cooperatively with others, for empathy and compassion, for thinking critically and creatively, and for becoming adept learners, community leaders, independent thinkers, and lifelong environmental stewards.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The vision of Natural Science Academy is to develop a “green” school where the facility, operations, and educational program reflect a commitment to environmental sustainability and to preparing our young citizens to become leaders and models of exemplary, responsible citizenship, and stewards of the natural environment.