Old Redford Academy

Old Redford Academy Logo

Basic Information

Address: 22122 W. McNichols Detroit, MI 48219
County: Wayne
District: Old Redford Academy
Phone Number: 313-653-3888

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Public School Academy
Accreditation: NCA
District ID: Old Redford Academy
School ID: Old Redford Academy
State District ID: Old Redford Academy
State School ID: Old Redford Academy
Grade Level: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Founded: 1999
School Colors: Red and Black
School Mascot: Raven
Classroom Size: 25
Student/Teacher Ratio: 25:1
After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Uniform Guidelines:

The Uniform Dress Code sets standards of acceptable school dress. The Old Redford Academy Dress Code will be strictly enforced. In all matters regarding conduct, dress, and overall appearance, the school reserves the right to counsel, reprimand and even dismiss a student if the student does not cooperate or comply with the school standards. All clothing must be neat, ironed, free from holes and clean. Hats, military wear, and clothing with slogans or inappropriate printing are not allowed.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Old Redford Academy is to provide a learning environment that will develop
children in reaching their maximum potential and to become productive members of a peaceful
global society. Through home and school collaboration, the Academy will successfully educate
all students providing them with stimulating and challenging experiences in a clean, safe and
healthy environment.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Learning is a lifelong process.
People learn in different ways and in different contexts.
Each person has intrinsic dignity and worth.
Expectations affect achievement.
All people can learn well.
Learning must be continually reviewed to ensure retention.
Education builds self-esteem.
The purpose of education is to motivate life-long learning.
Positive praise equals positive results.
Learn to love and love to learn.
Teachers must strive to develop multicultural awareness.
Teachers must address multiple intelligences.
Teachers should use real life situations to teach curriculum objectives.
Teachers should use technology to close the achievement gap.