School for Tourism and Hospitality

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Basic Information

Address: 900 Tinton Avenue, Bronx, NY 10456
County: Bronx
District: NYCDOE- District 8
Phone Number: 718-401-4214
Fax Number: 718-401-4219
Principal: Brian Condon

Action Shots

School for Tourism and Hospitality
School for Tourism and Hospitality
School for Tourism and Hospitality

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Additional Information

School Type: NYCDOE Public School
District ID: 08x559
School ID: 08x559
Grade Level: 9-12
Founded: Fall 2012
School Setting:

Small public school where students wear uniform. For all 4 grades, our estimate student enrollment will be around 330 students.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 08:30am-3:15am
School Days in Calendar Year: September- June
School Colors: Blue, White and Orange
School Mascot: Jaguars
School Size: Estimated to be 330 with all 4 years
Classroom Size: 20 Students
Classroom Teachers: 20
Student/Teacher Ratio: 10:1
Support Services:

Student Advisors, Social Worker, School Psychologist, Guidance Counselor, College Advisor

After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
PTA Organization: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Two full set computer classrooms. Students take courses around tourism and hospitality in computer labs.

School Clubs:

Robotics Club, Drama Club, Jewelry/Craft Club, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Wrestling

Lunch Availability: Yes
Parking Spaces/Availability:

For staff- yes

Uniform Guidelines:

Navy Blue polo with school patch on it (can be purchased in school, grey slacks and all black shoes.

Notes/School Information:

Small NYCDOE public school located in Bronx, NY. We prepare our students to be global citizens while following NYS graduation requirements and preparing students to work in the field of tourism and hospitality. Many of our students have varying interests in future college majors- engineering, medicine, law, education, forensic science, criminal justice and biomedicine.