Vista del Futuro Charter School

Basic Information

Address: 1671 Bob Hope Dr. El Paso, TX 79936 915-855-8143
County: El Paso
District: Vista Del Futuro Charter School
Phone Number: 915-855-8143
Fax Number: 915-855-8179
Principal: Mr. Fernando Gallardo

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Vista del Futuro Charter School
Vista del Futuro Charter School
Vista del Futuro Charter School
Vista del Futuro Charter School

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Additional Information

School Type: Public Charter School
Accreditation: Blue Ribbon School
District ID: 071809
School ID: 071809
State District ID: 071801
State School ID: 071809
Grade Level: Pre-K, K-5
Founded: 2007
School Setting:

Vista del Futuro Charter School is a close knit community of approximately 300 students. We are currently offering Pre-Kindergarten as a daycare service and Kindergarten through 6th grade classes. The children have PE, Music, Spanish, computer lab and library classes integrated throughout their weekly schedule. We also have an on-site nurse that tends to the children's medical needs.
Vista del Futuro Charter School participates in the United States Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Program. We serve nutritional meals for breakfast and lunch. During lunch, our students listen to classical music for the first 15 minutes of lunch and then are allowed to converse with the person next to them for the remainder of their 30 minute lunch time. The Child Nutrition Program offers free and reduced price meals to eligible students. The Multi-Child Free and Reduced-Price School Meals Application must be completed by each household to determine program eligibility.

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 8:30am (first bell), 8:45am (tardy bell), the classes release in a scafold succession beginning with Pre-Kinder releasing at 1:45pm and ending with 6th grade release at 3:45pm.
School Days in Calendar Year: 180 Days
School Holidays: Labor Day (September), Fall Break (November), Winter Break (December), Martin Luther King, Jr. (January), Spring Break (March), Spring Holiday (April)
School Colors: Forest Green, Navy Blue, White
School Mascot: Soaring Phoenix


School Size: 300
Classroom Size: 20 - 22 students
Classroom Teachers: 18 Certified Teachers
Student/Teacher Ratio: 20/1
Support Services:

Section 504
After school tutorials
On-site tutor
On-site nurse

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
PTA Organization: No
Computer Capabilities:

The lower grades attend the computer lab at a specified day and time. The upper grades have Computers-On-Wheels in their classroom that they are allowed to use throughout the day.

School Championships:


School Clubs:

Flag football

Lunch Availability: The Child Nutrition Program
Parking Spaces/Availability:

Faculty/Staff only; parents typically park outside the gates of the school.

Uniform Guidelines:

Bottoms: Kahki only - pants, shorts, skorts, skirts
Tops: Polo Shirt- forest green, navy blue, white

Mission Statement:

Vista del Futuro Charter School District exists to provide each student the necessary skills needed to reach their fullest academic potential in order that they may actively contribute to the improvement of their community, their country and the world as a whole.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Vista del Futuro Charter School District will teach the whole student and build character through a rigorous curriculum of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Fine Arts rooted in a foundation of Respect, Responsibility, Quality of Self and Quality of Work.