The Quaker School at Horsham

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Basic Information

Address: 250 Meetinghouse Rd. Horsham PA 19044
County: Montgomery County
Phone Number: 215-674-2875
Fax Number: 215-674-9913

Action Shots

The Quaker School at Horsham
The Quaker School at Horsham
The Quaker School at Horsham
The Quaker School at Horsham

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Additional Information

School Type: Friends private special education school
Founded: 1982
Ages/Grades: Kindergarten through Ninth Grades
School Size: 70
Classroom Size: maximum of 8 students per class
Student/Teacher Ratio: 4:1


Financial Aid:

need-based financial aid of up to 50% is available


Wilson Reading System, Lindamood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing, Saxon Math, RAVE-O, Step Up to Writing, Responsive Classroom

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

As a Mac School, we offer assistive technology integrated throughout the curriculum through laptops, Ipads, Smartboards and research-based softwares.

Mission Statement:

The Quaker School at Horsham is a Friends Elementary an Middle School for bright students who learn differently.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our school fills a special need in a unique way, as one of only ten schools in the world which is both a Friends school and a school exclusively for students with learning disabilities. Our Friends history enables us to offer authentic learning opportunities in an atmosphere that honors each student for their differences while providing curriculum-wide opportunities for deeper understanding. This history lays the foundation for a caring approach to students with learning disabilities. In addition, experienced professionals deliver research-based curriculum in small classroom settings with both the integration of assistive technologies and speech/occupational therapies. Together this approach guides students from a place of failure and frustration to success in both academics and life.